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Hello. Okay, I'm going to get straight to the point rather than doing a whole boring introduction of who I am and all that shit.
1. I only like to carry out gay based Roleplays, so in better terms, mXm.
2. Depending on what frame of mind I am in, I like to sometimes either play the dominant half or the submissive half- although I tend to drift towards the sub.
3. I like to have erotic content within my Roleplays in order to add more of a story.
4. Although I have mentioned I tend to lean towards more of the submissive character, nonetheless my character are not girl-boy's at all, just the ones who prefer to be dominated. Get me?
5. I may not be able to get onto this website very often as believe it or not, I have a busy life (consisting of school and sleep and more sleep) however, I am always and constantly on Kik which is my preffered source to Roleplay, this is just being said for those of you who would like to Roleplay on that app with myself then feel free, just message me your username. I have no problem with either media, however, do expect for me not to always be online here.
With this being said, I do hope to find a suitable partner whom will be enjoyable to roleplay with.


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Hello! Since you are looking to have erotic content within your roleplay, I have moved this thread to the Liberteen forum, where you can safely pursue such requests without worrying about breaking the law by roleplaying with a member over the age of 18. Since I'm over 18 I won't be able to see anything you say after I move this, so if you have any questions about why I moved this, feel free to send me a message. Happy hunting.
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