PORTRAIT REQUEST Seeking masochist for help with tattoos.

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  1. Hello! I'm looking for assistance with designing the tattoos for my blind seer: the tattoos that both blind him, and give him his Sight.

    So far, what I have are that they're very dense and thin-lined, and they looked like circuits and tribal tattoos combined, with the circuits as the main part and the tribal stuff being between, to fill space. They're all the same color: a very dark purple that looks very close to black.

    The two parts I do have firmly in my mind is that the thickest line (1cm wide) encircles his neck, and is broken by an empty circle a couple centimeters down from his adam's apple. These tattoos cover everything but his hands, feet, and anything above the thickest line, though he might have some under his hair (not visible).

    As for the character, his information is on his toyhou.se profile.

    I HAVE made attempts at designing the tattoos myself using a free-to-use base off DA, but they're agonizingly slow and I feel like I'm not doing well. I can supply images of this attempt once I darken the lines I have so far: make them visible and such.

    I made a Pinterest board of inspiration, but it's kinda poopy. o.o