Seeking Marvel RP! Loki, Wolverine, Magneto, Charles Xavier, Nightcrawler with my OC. M+F Pairing


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I adore the Marvel Universe! And I am seeking a motivated player to fullfill my Literary
creative desires, and hopefully, help fill theirs.

I play in the Marvel Universe with a blend of Xmen, and Avengers/Thor/Loki Universe.

Characters I desperately need a writer for. (Any will do.)

Loki. All Variants possible. But I have a special place in my heart for the Loki that sacrifices
himself for Thor in Infinity War. Can be Pre-Infinity War/Post Thor Dark World. Seeking a Redemption Arc.

Wolverine, Hugh Jackman version. Any timeline. I'm flexible.

Magneto, Post Apocalypse Movie. (Fassbender version)

Charles Xavier (James McCavoy version)

Nightcrawler, (Alan Cumming Version) I have a special story I want to play with this character, but I am open to ALL ideas!

My OCs are Mutants.

1st Female. Julia
Empath Alpha Level, with limited Heat signature sight, and minor telepathy. Physically Blind, A Mutant therapist, that specializes in hard to handle mutant, or high powered individuals in need of restoration.

Julia can be paired with any of the characters Ive requested.

2nd Female. Mary. Out of control powered mutant, with devastating plague like powers. to be Saved from William Stryker's research facility.

Mary would be ideal for Charles, or Nightcrawler.

I can also play female characters from the Marvel Universe, so I am open to that as well! I'm good with Pepper Potts, Jean Grey, Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, and Wanda Maximoff.

I have been writing and RPing for about 20ish years. And my Current Marvel Partner has taken a hiatus, and I desperately want to keep writing. If any of this sounds interesting to you, please message me!

I would prefer players over the age of 18.

I eagerly look forward to playing with you!

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