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  1. Alright I'm looking for an roleplay partner.

    I have an idea for a roleplay and a character.

    I want to use old Japan time era as a setting to were the rp takes place.

    I plan on having some sexual scenes very detailed.

    Here is the outline of my idea.

    1. Male character is an older male has a rough past that hunts him to the very core. He has some kind of illness that has crippled him somewhat. (Either limp, sickness, or blindness or bad vision which has him wear glasses) I love glasses. Prefer him much taller.

    2. Male character is handsome regardless of his disability. However he is very good with a sword and fighting. Which is what scares him. Because he can't fight or defend himself without killing someone.

    3. Male he has a firm disbelief that he can be happy.

    4. He is on the run from the law and has to lie about his travels and crimes, naturally no one can get close to him.

    Here's my character sheet for the character I'll play.

    Name: Naomi Rikyu

    Geisha Name: Ai Michiko

    Age: 19


    Weight: 110lbs

    Eye color: Dark Green

    Hair color and length: Black, Middle of back

    Personality: She cheerful regardless of her current predicament, she shows her emotions easily. She's native to evil people and oddly she finds that the most twisted people have the soft heart of cloud. However, she is clever and dumb witted for trusting everyone around her though her charm warms all hearts in the nearby area.

    Bio: Naomi Rikyu was born near the coast of Japan. Her father and mother met while he made his way up the ranks of the army. He worked policemen for 7 years before he found himself as a general of the army. He found love in the most oddest of places. Charmed by her looks and dazzling smile he could not refuse her affection. They grew to love each other more and more by the passing year until his death. Her mother mourned over him for the entire 3 years afterwards until her own death from a broken heart. With no father, mother or other family in the area Naomi at the age of 5 had fallen into the lifestyle as a geisha. She learned and grew everyday with the rest of her sisters until she had become ready to bloom as a new geisha.

    The other information has been closed too much to reveal about her past would be boring unless she revealed it herself. For the male character I'd prefer that the past be shadowed until he reveals it. Something he's done that he can't bare to live with.
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