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Seeking Male to Match My Consort

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Inati, May 3, 2014.

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  1. Plot Idea:

    The Butterfly House, a well-known establishment within the wealthy, exciting, eccentric Litius City that caters to the kind of men with commitment issues, fear of a real relationship, and wallets full of cash to spend on the ethereal beauties that create the staff. A large mansion that houses the most beautiful women in all the land, women that dance for, entertain and pleasure their customers, men or women, for the night at quite a hefty price. A particular woman, a sensuous and lovely older female with a special gift for prophecy and vision, is one of the 'veterans' of the Butterfly House, a woman who had sought out employment at the age of 23 and had remained there ever since. She is experienced and mature, even though she is very picky about the kind of customers she will entertain, but with all the 'new and fresh talent' that are being hired, she is beginning to feel the effects of her age; one would even say she feels outdated, self-conscious...like an 'old hag'. However, she keeps her feelings of inadequacies to herself and remains a pillar of strength and wisdom for all the younger girls that look to her for guidance in their new surroundings, girls that truly make her feel older than her age when she gazes upon their youthful faces and perfect little bodies. Just when she is beginning to fall into a bitter darkness of her own insecurities, struggling to keep her confidence, she finds herself in the company of a younger gentleman, a quiet, mysterious and passionate young fellow that spoils her and makes love to her as if she were in her twenties again, making her feel like the most beautiful, important, wonderful woman in the world. She is confused by him, at first, unsure of what to make of this man who takes such an interest in her so suddenly and doesn't seem to even realize there are other beautiful girls closer to his age just waiting to be noticed, but soon, she can no longer question his motives, whatever they may be, for she feels herself falling, embarrassingly hard, for him and struggling to decide whether or not this should continue while at the same time fearing for the future that has suddenly turned so dark with a growing threat over the city.

    Kind of winded and I applaud you for reading the whole thing, but you get the basic idea of what the story will be about. I am looking for someone to play the younger male to the older female; I'm trying my hand at this reverse age thing where the female is older than the male and they're in an intimate, loving relationship. Because she is a consort, there will be quite a bit of sex in this story as well as drama and suspense, possibly scenes of rape should it take a darker turn, but we'll talk about that at a later time. I'm looking for someone who will collaborate and brainstorm with me, someone who can post more than just once a day, especially since my time is starting to open up again. Please no one-liners as those are incredibly annoying to me. I love details and long posts, but I understand that not everyone can do very long posts, which is fine. On that note, I require at the very least two paragraphs, though I will love you more if you write more than that. This is a tale of romance and I hope to find a partner who is just as enthusiastic about the idea as I am.

    If anyone is interested or has any questions, please send me PM. Thank you!
  2. Preferred Only if Inati Read (open)
    I would love to do this...but our 3 Roleplays failed. I doubt you are willing to give it another try, but I would. Though that is just me...sorry for wasting your time and making you read this
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