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  1. Hello everyone my name is Hannah and i have been role-playing for a total of 6 years going on 7 this month I am looking for a male partner who will stick to a character and will be very adaptable to changes. My requirements for a partner consist of 1: being able to post relatively long paragraphs 5-6 well detailed sentences 2: be able to post daily I understand we all have lives 3: adaptable to situations involving the characters 4: can stick to a character or multiple characters 5: HAVING FUN

    Contacting me
    you can post on hear or PM me i should respond withing 30 minutes :)


    1: Naruto (yes I understand this has been used a lot but bear with me)
    Plot: I am thinking about doing an rp that is very much like the Naruto game but instead of using
    naruto and Sakura and Sasuke I would used our characters that we would create along with a sensi that we would create. This rp would be based of off there lives together and the challenges that each of them face with each other and with themselves internally. One day one of the ninjas gets a life threatening injury and cant be a ninja anymore so the remaining 2 ninjas help the inured one while trying to track down the ninja that inured him/her. While this is going on there is a ninja war and the Leaf Village is under attack it is up to the 2 ninjas and there sensi to end the war and save Knoaha.

    2: Vampire Knight
    Plot: Kaname and Yuki have a family and this rp would be about there life and having to run from Zero who is tracking them down along with running from the Council who is sending mass amount of hunters after them. A new vampire finds out who they are and forces Kaname to pick between the women and children he loves and there safety.

    3: Ouran High school Host Club
    Plot: it is the next generation of Hosts and its just about there lives. More will be added I'm just drawing a blank

    Other Ideas but no plot
    Joker falling in love
    death note
    one piece
  2. Joker falling in love? as in from batman?

    How would that work without him going OOC? lol.
  3. It would be before he went crazy or during the process of his transformation
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.