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  1. This is my first post here. I hope that I'm in the right spot, and I hope that everything is acceptable.

    I am looking for a partner for a long-term story-driven slice of life roleplay. I am looking to play over Skype (don't worry, no voice/video calls) or Google Docs. I'm not interested in a forum or note based roleplay.

    My character is Emmalyn Brennan. Please pay attention-- Emma is deaf. If you read nothing else, it would probably be best to look over the G-Docs character sheet below and the kink list located on the F-List profile.
    Iwaku Profile: Located Here
    F-List Profile: Located Here
    G-Docs Character Sheet: Located Here

    Your character should be a dominant male-- aside from that, I'm not really picky. You should have a solid grasp on the English language and be able to post 7-10 sentences as a general minimum (I do understand that there are times where less is necessary). I would be more than comfortable writing up to 4-5 paragraphs per post should that be your style.

    Aside from looking for a slice of life type play, I am not very picky. I do not have pre-made plots and would much prefer that you come to me with a simple idea that we can build into our own personalized plot.

    I am not interested in playing any character other than Emma at this time. Please do not ask whether she can be played as a hearing individual, or whether any of her stats can change. She is a SET character.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.