[Seeking Male Character]Rules weren't meant to be broken (Seeking a Long-Term, advanced partner!)

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  1. Rules weren’t made to be brokenHe was her superior, a man she had worked with, trained with, and fought beside for years. She was a tracker, one of the best in the kingdom, striving to make a name for herself. The attraction between them was almost instant. She admired him for his skills, respected him for his treatment of her, and felt an instant physical pull toward him. However, rules were rules and because he was the captain of the guards, and she was beneath him the sparks between them went ignored. But life and their work keeps them in constant contact, forced to deal with the chemistry between them by seeking solace in the arms of others, but never succeeding.

    Did I mention that she was also a half-breed?

    Half elf, half human, she had to fight to earn her place. Shunned by the elves, and laughed at by humans, the only way that she could earn respect was through her own determination to prove her worth. In a kingdom where the human world is meant to remain beyond the enchantments, she is an unwanted outsider, only able to remain in the kingdom because of her father’s position as the King’s guard.

    The world has always been split, with the elves keeping to themselves while humans were prohibited from stepping foot inside their territory and the human world is off limits. Elves and humans banded with their own kind, forming alliances between themselves with a tense truce between man and elf.

    However, elitism exists in the elven kingdoms, small factions springing up within each one that are tired of sharing the world with humans who are slowly destroying it. Rebellions begin to spring up within each elven kingdom, small skirmishes that cause unrest among the elves. What the royal families do not know is that those factions are beginning to work together, devising plans to turn the royal elven families against the humans and put an end to the truce between their kind and mankind.

    When the tracker saves the life of the queen, she and the captain of the guards become entrapped in the center of a plot that is bigger than either of them ever imagined. Forced to work together to ensure peace prevails and find a way to strengthen the truce between humans and elves, the two find themselves together on a journey that will take them across the world, gathering allies and enemies along the way. Throughout it all they must decide whether to keep to the ways of the world in hopes that it will help them in the end, or give into the chemistry between them and hope they can make a change.

    The plot didn’t quite come out as I wanted it to, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask.

    The world that the roleplay takes place can be planned out if you would feel more comfortable with that, but as it stands I’m going to lead more towards a modern-fantasy type of world.

    I am looking for someone who’s willing to help me plan the story, as well as play multiple characters. I am also looking for someone long-term!

    I’m looking for an advanced writer, someone who can give quality and quantity, and won’t be intimidated by long posts. I am also looking for someone who is not trying to push smut into the story, and does not mind violent, gory scenes.

    Posting isn’t a huge deal for me. Sometimes I can post multiple times a day, other times maybe once every ten days. I usually try to keep everyone updated on what’s going on and if my posting will take longer than usual, and ask for the same courtesy in return. If you get bored, please feel free to tell me!

    And for now, that’s about it. If you’re interested, feel free to send me a PM or drop me a line here.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.