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  1. Hello!
    I am looking for someone that would like to create a story with me. I have a plot in mind, but am more than willing to build on the basic idea with someone. I prefer a high fantasy roleplay full of adventure, twists, action, and witty banter.

    Specifically I am looking for a male character to play alongside my female character. There may be romance later on, but I do love a good opposing relationship that builds into something more.

    • I want to build a story with the person I will be writing with, so I am not going to go into specific detail, but here are the basics. My character is a Princess who hates her restricted life full of high expectations from her father, the King. She decides to make a run for it and escape to the neighboring Kingdom to start a new life where nobody knows her. While escaping she runs into a rough around the edges farm boy who has no idea who she is. Upon running into each other they quickly become agitated with each other. In the middle of their argument the King's knights retrieve her, and her identity is revealed. On the next morning she escapes once again but is bucked off her horse and stranded on the side of the road where she meets the rude boy once again. She offers him money for her safe delivery to the neighboring kingdom which will turn out to be no easy feat. The forest that they must pass through is filled with all kinds of monsters and dangerous hurdles to pass. Not to mention the King's knights would be hot on their trail. Where will their adventure lead them? How will they survive each other's stubborn personalities?

      • As far as posting speed I am not too picky. I can at least post once or twice a week, but it may be up to once a day.
      • Just let me know if you are no longer interested. I'll do the same. I promise you won't hurt my feelings lol.
      • 18+ only. Sorry, I just feel more comfortable writing with my own age group.
      • I expect at least a 2 paragraph post. I like to be detailed, so it'd be nice if you did too. I don't do one liners.
      • There may or may not be romance, but no sexual scenes. If it comes to it we can fade to black.
      • I can do a thread or PM.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.