Seeking Male Anthro for AnthroxHuman RP

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  1. Storyline:

    In this universe, Anthros are a known and existing species that share the earth with humans, though there are more towns and cities than not that are...separated, for lack of a better word. Anthros live in one and the humans live in another, hardly ever truly mingling together. It's not because there's any hostility towards the other species or some kind of racist segregation; they just never thought to coexist in the same area. In one particular city, though, steps are being made to change that...starting with the local colleges. Anthro colleges are recruiting human students and human colleges are recruiting Anthro students, the mingling of two species in one place forcing them to fully acknowledge the other and to try living together. This story focuses on two college students, one Anthro male and the other a human female, that have both started attending the brand new community college built specifically for Humans and Anthros, learning about the other species through each other, how different they actually are, how similar they can be and that, no matter the species, it's still possible to find love with the other.

    I'll keep this brief.

    • Someone to play the Anthro male (the character has to be male, but not my partner).
    • At least one post a day.
    • No one-liners.
    • Contribute creatively to the story. I get bored when my partner waits for my signal or for me to lead all the time.
    • Expect for there to be sex, because there will be equal amounts of sex and plot.
    • Warning ahead of time that there might be violence, gore, possibility of rape or mentions of rape, etc. Anything can happen in this story.
    • More than a basic understanding of Grammar, Syntax, and Punctuation.
    If you feel that you can meet these requirements and are interested in this idea, send me a PM. Don't reply here because I won't see it. Thank you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.