Seeking M x M RP

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  1. Hiya everyone! I got some plots for a M x M rps

    -I usually play submissive unless doubling is happening. Just talk to me about it.

    -Mpreg is a must though I understand why many are put-off by this

    -My post vary from a few lines to paragraphs. It just depends on my partner's replies

    Some Plot Ideas!

    Pokemon Gijinka Universe!
    Legendary Pokemon x Common Pokemon
    Common x common

    Student x Teacher
    Stubborn Genius

    Harry Potter World inspired RP
    Steven Universe
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  2. Pairing: Vampire x Human

    Plot: vampires have dominated the planet as the dominate species. So much so that their food supply, humans, are nearly endangered. So they began to round up as much humans as they can to repopulate the species by engineering them artificially and have their food source returned. However many vampires have taken humans as slaves for their own purposes.

    ______ is a recently "of age" human, also known as "in their prime." They sell for higher costs because this is the age where they have adjusted to puberty, can handle harder jobs, and be used as sex slaves. He was just purchased at a human-house by -------, a vampire.

    How will he treat his new pet?
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