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  1. As the title states, I'm primarily searching for M/M rps, though I'm also willing to dabble in f/f if anybody is interested. Not so much m/f as I already have a couple great rps going with those genders.

    My rules are fairly simple:
    - Basic understanding of english language, a couple paragraphs a post.
    - Open-mindedness. I enjoy darker themes like drama, mental illness, horror etc, so the more open-minded my partner, the better. Though of course I'm fairly adaptable and am happy to try more vanilla stories as well.
    - I mostly play sub or switch, so a switch/dom partner would be much preferred.
    - Both pg13 and libertine are fine with me, though I probably prefer latter.
    - As my post history is fairly sparse due to me primarily rping through pms, I'm of course happy to provide post samples upon request.

    A couple fandoms I adore, my characters are on the left:
    - Black Butler (CielxSebastian, CielxUndertaker, FinnyxBard)
    - HunterxHunter (GonxKillua, KilluaxHisoka, GonxHisoka)
    - Pandora Hearts (OzxBreak, OzxJack, OzxGilbert)
    - LoL (EzrealxDarius)
    - Magi: Labyrinth of magic (AladdinxAlibaba, AladdinxJudal)
    - Skyrim (ForswornxImperial, Thieves Guild)

    Various Pairings, my character would be on the left:
    - Orphan/Wealthy Man
    - Fosterbrothers/Twins/Siblings
    - Spoiled son/Babysitter
    - Nephew/Uncle
    - Bandit boy/guard or other bandits
    - Superhero/Villain
    - Wannabe villain/Police
    - Member of Rebellion/Member of oppressive regime (can be modern or historical)
    - Nazi/Jew (Loosely inspired by the movie 'Boy in the striped pyjamas)
    - Local/soldier trapped behind enemy lines
    - Cabin boy/pirate

    A couple plot themes I'd enjoy exploring in my stories:
    - Mental Instability (Breakdowns, Depression, anger issues etc)
    - Racism
    - Poor/Rich
    - Cosplay/Costumes
    - Human Trafficking
    - Dub-con
    - Taboo or secret relationships

    And a few plots bunnies, of course I'm open to change or tweak them as well:


    - Scientist/experiment:
    Now I was thinking something incest based for this but it wouldn't have to be of course, but here is the idea. So basically the father could be a scientist who tries to develop an important cure for a deadly disease, only problem is he has to experiment on humans with most of them dieing after, which is illegal of course. When he gets found out by his colleagues he loses his scientist licence and gets fired from his job. Returning home, he, believing he's so close to success, just can't stop himself from continuing his research. So he decides to kidnap random people for his experiments, that is until one day his son, whom the scientist truly loves with all his heart, accidentally stumbles upon the lab in the basement, the father catching him. Maybe the father is scared that the son would tell somebody and ruin his research, or maybe he has repeatedly failed and grown desperate to the point that he believes he has to actively push himself over the edge and use his son as he would go through heaven and hell to succeed if his son's life was on the line.

    - Serial Killer/Obsessed fan:
    Basically one character would be a serial killer who manages to constantly evade the police, the other a teen, maybe coming from an abusive home, not having many friends or being suicidal. The killer's murders are all over the media and for some reason the teen doesn't feel disturbed by them at all, even starts to develop a certain fondness for the murders. We would have to expand on the 'why' and 'how' a bit more, maybe he is jealous of the attention the victims receive, or he sees some sort of twisted beauty in them or so, but the bottom line is the teen decides to look for the killer, hoping that artist can give his life some purpose, or perhaps even believing that he is the only person alive who truly understands the beauty the killer tries to create, thus the only one who can help him achieve perfection by becoming his masterpiece.

    - Serial Killer/Victim's Friend:
    A remotely similar premise to the above plot, except, instead of an obsessed fan, my character would be the close friend of a previous victim who seeks to personally avenge his fried by bringing down the serial killer. Of course this plot bunny would require a bit more fleshing out as to how exactly he'd be able to track down the serial killer, but brainstorming always is fun. ^^

    - Lost Prince:
    This could be set in either medieval europe or medieval india. Basically my character would be a prince of the kingdom, but he is extremely spoiled and arrogant, even to the point where he behaves poorly in front of honored guests and actively attempts to ruin his parents reputation. Potential reasons could be neglection or depression for example. Either way, the parents grow fed up and decide he has to learn humility. So one day they decide to kick him out of the palace and onto the streets to see if he can fend for himself and learn what it means to care for oneself. Maybe they don't even care if he lives or dies, especially if he had like a dozen older brothers or so.
    Needless to say he's utterly unprepared for the life of a street orphan and runs into trouble sooner rather than later, though thankfully he at least finds an unlikely ally. Who exactly your character would be is open for discussion of course. Maybe a merchant, maybe an orphan, maybe wanderer or perhaps even a bandit, though none of them would realise the prince's true heritage at first.

    - Fake Princess:
    Much like the plot above, similar basis and setting, just that the parents, instead of kicking him out, decide they want to get rid of him for good and get a bit of payback by shaming him for their amusement, so they dress him up in in woman's clothing and bring him to the market place where he is auctioned off as a potential wife for the highest bidder. Of course the buyer, expecting a young and pretty wife, might suffer a rude awakening when he realises he bought a spoiled boy instead. Alternatively he could also be shipped off into slavery.

    - Native American/Explorer:
    Your character is a settler, a young, aspiring explorer who wants to discover the wonders of the newfound world. My character is a boy from one of the local native tribes, whose tribe is either hostile or neutral towards the allies, or maybe haven't even had contact with them yet? Regardless, the explorer, while traveling through thick forests or jungle gets lost and attacked by either wild animals or one to two hostile tribesmen from a different clan than mine. The explorer is about to get killed when my character, who happens to be nearby intervenes and rescues him.

    - Unlikely Savior (OrphanxPrince):
    Set in a medieval world your character could be a prince who visits one of his father's newly defeated strongholds but as he inspects the town he is suddenly ambushed by suicidal loyalists that want revenge. My character could be an orphan who actually intends to steal from the prince out of desperation, unfortunately at the very same time the assassins attack, causing the orphan to collide with the assassins and accidentally save the prince's life. The prince, either misunderstanding the situation or seeing this as an easy way to get a new toy, decides to reward the orphan by officially making him his servant or part of his guard. Could go several ways from there, either an unexpected romance or something like the prince actually being more of a sadist and corrupting his new servant.

    - Student/Teacher Modern:
    My character is a gifted, hard-working boy who attends one of the most prestigious boarding schools in the country. Unfortunately the school is quite expensive and his poor family has to sacrifice most everything to pay his education, which he's aware, adding additional pressure onto his shoulders. Worse, due to his poor background, surrounded by wealthy kids, he's regularly made fun of and bullied, and eventually he starts to crack under all the pressure. At least until one of the teachers recognizes what is happening and steps in to help (or take advantage of) him.

    - Student/Teacher Historical:
    Set in a rural southern US town in the 50's or 60's my character is the spoiled son of the wealthiest man around, growing up in a rather conservative, religious and racist community. Your character would be a black substitute teacher who was assigned to my character's school against his will (could also be a janitor or returning war veteran alternatively). Though of course he lacks respect due to his skin color, particularly from my character who is the blatant ringleader in rallying the class against the teacher, ignoring and insulting him. Except, though my character can't explain why, he can't help secretly developing other feelings too, naughty fantasies and obsessions involving the teacher.

    That's it for now, if I can think of any more plots I shall add them. ^^
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  2. I'm willing to do an rp with you if we do a fxf rp
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