Seeking M for MxF literate/semi literate OCxOC rp

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Flowers with eyes

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Fantasy, romance, modern fantasy, magical themes and what not
Hi there! So I’ve been on hiatus for a long time due to life and stuff but things have calmed down a bit so I suppose I’m back! If we have role played in the past and I dropped off the face of the earth I apologize!

Now, I’m going to start off with my rules/limits because everytime I put them at the end no one even reads them and I get messages inquiring for things I’d rather not do:
- please have good grammar and structure, I’ve role played in the past with people who can’t form a decent sentence and it’s no fun trying to decipher what a response means.
- please be able to write in 3rd person POV
- please be detailed! It doesn’t have to be multiple pages long because that can be overwhelming but at least enough detail to make it entertaining! I usually try to match my partners length but my average is 2-5 paragraphs. It doesn’t have to be that long but please just be somewhat detailed. Detail is what makes things interesting!
- I am NOT looking for smut, I’m fine with it if it happens but I’d much rather focus on the storyline and characters
- lastly please be 18+, I don’t feel comfortable writing with minors because I tend to like dark and triggering themes, not to mention on the off chance smut does happen.

now that that’s out of the way, I’ll list my favorite genres and settings!
- I’m a sucker for fantasy and magical type plots, most of my characters are fantasy characters (demons and cat girls) so I’d rather have a plot that they can fit in! Modern fantasy is also super fun to write!
- romance is a must! I love writing romance between two characters and giving them problems to overcome!!
- angst!! I love angst and torturing my characters!! Essentially my basic interests are fantasy, romance and angst!

I’m also a sucker for cheesy tropes and plots like enemies to lovers, the hunter and the hunted, forbidden love and so on! I have a few plots in mind and I would love to hear yours as well!!
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@Flowers with eyes Howdy! I'm interested if yah like! Hit me up if you wanna see if we are compatible
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