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  1. I'm a literate, long time role player of more than fifteen years - who just happens to be green when it comes to forums. I'm looking for one on one roleplay, probably off site, and a long term partner.

    For those who need this sort of information, here are a few of the basics about me and what I'm looking for:
    - I'm female and of legal age. I prefer males of age. This isn't a sex thing or a discrimination thing; I just tend to get on better and have more in common with dudes.
    - I think of myself as a quality writer and seek the same. This means all the qualifications you might expect including proper spelling, grammar, and the general ability to string a sentence together that makes sense.
    - Likewise to decently assembled sentences, I want writing that is compelling. Real plots and story trajectories that keep me on the edge of my seat only, please.
    - My history with RP is mostly on AOL. I'm spoiled by the fast pace of IMs and bored to tears with forum posting. As such, I'd like to move onto AIM or Google Hangouts once a potential partner and I have hammered things out.
    - I can create characters on the fly for the right story or provide one that is premade to fit, but what I want most is to collaborate together. Teamwork, baby!
    - Speaking of pre-mades and plots, I have webpages that contain both along with a pleathora of great information. I'm not posting them here because there may be some r-rated and above material, but you're free to ask.
    - I will play a variety of genres and styles at the same level of quality and commitment. However, things I absolutely will not do include - anime, medieval fantasy, pure smut, and slice of life. Everything else is subject to my mood. (PS - if you think the exclusion of medieval fantasy leaves *only* modern realism, you are severely misinformed.)
    - As mentioned before, I have my prefered methods for contact. You can reach me at or IMs or emails are both fine, though I tend to be more responsive on gmail during office hours (PST).

    A note to admins:
    I don't know all your internal rules and I admit it. Sorry, but these pages aren't always as easy to navigate as I'd like. If I'm violating them... well... my apologies. Email me and I'll gladly remove my account and move on. What I absolutely will NOT do is edit it.
    I'm not a pedophile or looking for cyber smut. I'm not here to troll anyone or ruin an innocent RPer's day. I just want to write with someone on my level and I'm exploring different ways to advertise for that. If that doesn't jive with this place, no harm no foul. Just let me know.
  2. I'm interested :)
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