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  1. Hello! I'm in search of some new and interesting roleplays to keep me entertained. I have way too much free time on my hands at the moment...

    About me as a rper:

    - I enjoy having romance fit somewhere into my roleplays. It definitely doesn't have to be the main focus.
    - My posts are normally around two paragraphs per character.
    - I welcome OOC chat.

    What I want to RP:

    - Sherlock

    I enjoy playing Sherlock, Molly, Mary, and Mycroft. When playing Sherlock, I prefer to play opposite John, Greg, or Irene. When playing Molly, I want someone to play either Sherlock or John. When playing Mary, I only want John to be played against her. When I play Mycroft, I want to someone to play Greg. I also do canon/OC pairings. If someone plays Sherlock for me, I'll gladly double.

    - Serial killer

    Either my partner plays a male serial killer and I play his next female victim who he instead manages to become attached to and decided to keep her, or I play a female serial killer and my partner plays her equally murderous husband.

    - Doctor Who

    1. I have an OC that is Rose's half-sister, so this would be a bit of an AU. I've been itching to play her. We'd have to work out a plot and everything. As for who you could play, Nine, Jack, Mickey, Jackie, or Rose would be fine. Who you play depends on what genre you'd prefer. If you play Nine, it would be adventure and romance. If Jack, it would be friendship and adventure. If Mickey, it would be friendship, adventure, and possibly romance. If Jackie or Rose, it would of course be family.

    2. I would really like someone to play Nine for me. I am willing to double as anyone in a separate roleplay. The TARDIS takes the Doctor to an alternate Earth. Just like when Ten first goes to Pete's world, the TARDIS is almost completely dead except for a little bit of power. When it's fully charged, the TARDIS leaves without the Doctor. This alternate Earth has frequent encounters with aliens and it's humans are always on the search for anyone that isn't human. The majority of humans are in favor of killing or imprisoning aliens whether or not they pose any threat to Earth and it's inhabitants. The Doctor is caught by an organization that experiments on and imprisons aliens. My character works for a very different organization that provides rescue and protection for peaceful aliens and fair trial for non-peaceful ones. She and several other members of the organization break into the place where the Doctor is being held to rescue him and a couple of others that had been captured that day. The Doctor decides to begin working for the organization that rescued him knowing that he is stuck there indefinitely and my character helps him adjust to life in this strange world.

    - Teacher/Student

    My character is a senior in high school, and she's fallen for her English teacher, or whatever subject my partner would like have their character to teach. The man is a good friend of her parents, and she's known him since she was ten. He also has feelings for her, but he is much darker than he seems. After a few weeks of secretly dating his student, he becomes completely obsessed with her. The strange thing is the girl is perfectly okay with it.

    Please message me. Do not reply to this thread.
  2. I'd be interested in the Serial killer roleplay. This seems like something I'd be good at
  3. Alright. Can you please send me a PM?
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