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  1. The following are two idea that I have often considered at at times have proposed to others but did not go well. However, if either of these ideas can gain at least three people interested in them, then I can take them to the street running. The ideas are not absolutes and can be modified to suit everyone and the environment that will be created.

    Idea 1: The Young Knights Club:
    Located in the college of the sleepy urban town of Blackpool on the coast o England, resident students are all too aware of one of the smaller clubs that have been granted some of the most access of all school grounds, and some that joined are even eligible for credit hours towards their degrees. The Young Knights Club hosts a variety of different activities to create an outstanding generation of young men and women who embark on the path to become Knights. Students who enlist in the Club can be taught basic fencing, swordsmanship, jousting, horseback riding, archery, and etiquette for the sake of becoming a modern-day knight.

    Going by a code created by the two teachers who were once part of the original club before going on to teach there and become leaders for the new generation. Young Knights can be expected to partake in quests that can level from Peaceful Negotiations to even having to dull down arguments between students or even break up sometimes violent arguments in town. Knights who successfully complete missions can rank up from the starting Squire to the final Paladin, though ranks can be acquired through time of service as well.

    The entire plot would most likely revolve around the few members of the club and their interactions around the school, in classes and with each other. Considering the vast expanse of the duty of the Knights they can get into major trouble at any time, or simply get into crazy adventures as well.

    Idea 2: Organic Materials:
    In a world where robots have been created for even the simplest of tasks, humans have become lazy and dependent on them for entertainment, home life, schooling, et cetera. However a group of young people (18-25 years old) had gotten the idea through shared chatroom/ real life interactions, to create a restaurant/cafe/ young adults bar that was completely run by humans. It would be a stretch seeing as how humans are more faulty and prone to mistakes than robots, but it would feel a little more homey that getting your generic kid’s meal handed to you by Astro Boy.

    This role-play would have at least three people working in a small establishment in the downtown area of an urban city area, all of them with basic skills, but willing to immerse in the trial and error, sink or swim opportunity that is owning and maintaining a business.

    This plot can be added to to make it more approachable but at the moment I only really have this, and a pretty in-depth understanding of the city that they live in. Anyone interested can actually help hash out the details of the people and the restaurant with me, since that would actually be a pretty good part of the role-play.

    Feel free to leave a comment or PM me if interested with any questions or comments.
  2. Oooh~

    I would love to join! Possibly as a waitress? Very interesting ^^
  3. Goodness, really? That's great, thank you!
  4. Letting anyone now that this is still open for discussion!!
  5. They both seem like interesting ideas. As you probably would have guessed, I would definitely like to play in the first one, but I would aslo play in the second
  6. Oh, alright, welcome aboard! Honestly we could start, I'm pretty sure there are three of us. But, I'm gonna wait just until later tonight, and if there aren't any other takers, we can start it up.
  7. Sounds good!
  8. @boogified @N∆P∆LM Well let's get started. I can still take people, but for now. I'll make a chat later and invite you all so we can hash out details and the like. Unfortunately, as of right now, it is getting very late for me and I will have to make it tomorrow. Thank you!!

    I hope that N∆P∆LM is able to see this, for some reason, my computer won't link to you for some reason.
  9. Roger dodger, I see it
  10. woah.... @Mágissa Kei both ideas are great. ill put my bid into the first idea. ive never come across that type of RP plot that i liked, so this will be fun. i already how an idea of my character. soooo excited!
  11. That's great actually @koolkat4595!!! I can invite you to the chat discussion that we're having about these in a little bit, if you would like!
  12. I like your ideas. Mind if I joined in.
  13. Oh, yeah go right ahead. The more the merrier!! Which one were you interested in?
  14. The young knights club
  15. Oh well cool!! There's actually a Sign-Up here, then.
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