Seeking Innocent Tops and Aggressive Bottoms [ MxM / MxF / FxF ]

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  1. ...though I'm really rusty on the FxF part, if you must know.

    Hello everyone! I'm seeking a few people able to give me a few paragraphs each post regularly with little to no grammar and spelling mistakes. Don't worry, we all make some, but if you end up making three or more cringe worthy word butchering a sentence... no bueno. That said, you can play a male or a female, I don't mind, and even get to choose your 'role' that I listed in the title. Pairings, limits and kinks will be discussed later in PMs, and though I would like to try making an ugly or even villainous character in one or two roleplays, I won't push it it's not your cup of tea.

    Mainly, I want to get out of the cliche:
    Demon-Successful-Experienced Dom x Angelic-Useless-Virgin sub.

    Heck, we can even have them switch if it's feasible, later! Can be Modern or Sci-Fi, because that's how I feel it currently.
  2. Are you still looking? XD
  3. You m willing to role play, I got sot some ideas and plots. I only role play straight or (primary) yuri.
  4. I've a plot idea that isn't up here. Can I just message it to you?