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  1. "Oh shit." She said with a groan. One too many times of tapping snooze left Nora with approximately fifteen minutes to shower, dress, and get to her car if she was going to get to school by first bell. She nudged her cat away with her foot as she raced to the bathroom. "Not today Cat." She told the feline apologetically, closing the door and stripping while starting her shower.

    Twenty minutes later, she was sliding into her seat in her first class, hair still wet in it's bun on the top of her head. She wore a white button down and had taken the option of wearing the skirt rather than the pants. Once a month there was a mandatory uniform day when the headmistress addressed the school as a whole in the lecture hall. Today was, unfortunately, that day. "I hear they're going to start calling girls out on their grades." Her friend whispered to her, well aware that it was more of a warning than everyday gossip. Nora's grades were slipping lately.
  2. Zack hurried through the halls. He carefully dodged around students. His years of football coming in handy as made his way to the gym. It was his first year of teaching and he wanted make a good impression. Not only with the staff but the students. He was excited to teach his very first class. But first he had t attend an assembly. He straightened his tie as he entered the gum. He pulled his jacket over his shoulders. He had chosen his outfit carefully so that he met the required dress code for teachers.

    He sat near the front as the principle when over the guidelines, expectations, and rules. HE had carefully memorized the handbook turning the summer. He didn't want to screw up his first job. When the principle dismissed them Zack carefully began weaving his way through the crowd once again. This time he was making his room to his classroom.
  3. They were dismissed from first period to the lecture hall, and Nora travelled with her two closest friends to their usual seats towards the front of the room. An unfamiliar face was with the teachers.

    The headmistress had went through the expectations and rules for school pointedly, as though the majority of the school wasn't already aware of them. Of course, there were freshmen that still hadn't gotten the hint but there was a few in every class. As a senior, she could tell you that much. Word in the halls was that it was mostly supposed to be a warning about behavior because of an influx of new teachers. And by influx she meant one, but it was still rather new. The new instructor was a male, named Mr. Green. She had him on her new schedule and was looking forward to seeing this new teacher in action.

    Nora walked to second period when the time came, finding the classroom with the temporary name plate of Mr. Green. It was standard for them to take their time getting around the brass nameplate for new instructors, as they never seemed to last.
  4. Zack shook his head at the temporary name plate. It made him feel like a substitute rather than a full time teacher. But he understood that he would have to prove himself before they bothered to make I'm an official plate. He stood at his desk watching the students file in. "Welcome to introduction to Psychology. I will be your teacher thus year. Feel free to ask questions. I am passing out a syllabus. On it you will find my office hours, email, and phone number."
  5. Her initial reaction to her new instructor was simply wow. But she was already recomposed and took a seat toward the center of the room. This class was going to be one she needed to pay attention in, and sitting in the back wasn't going to be a very good choice. She talked far too much when she wasn't under supervision, and more than a few teachers disregarded the back of the room girls. There was a reason they weren't up front, and that was called disinterest. She thanked Mr. Green quietly when he handed her a syllabus, looking over it with interest.
  6. Zack carefully observed his students as he told them about the different topics. This gave him an idea of who understood what and who would need help later. He took careful notes. He walked around the room as he talked. He didn't want to overlook the kids in the back that tended to need more help then those that sat close to his desk. He felt he had a good idea of who Woukd need help and when. When the bell rang he said. "Good luck this year."
  7. Though it was only the first day, they already had their books open as Mr. Green gave them a brief overview of different topics they'd be covering in the class period. She didn't know what he was keeping track of when he wrote things down, but she was curious to see what was on the paper, not that she probably ever would. The bell rang, signaling the end of the class. She smiled brightly at the teacher as she walked past him. "You too, Mr. Green."
  8. "Thank you..." he looked down at his seating chart. "Nora. I look forward to getting to know you through the year." he told her with a charming smile. He turned his attention back to his notes. he wanted to make sure he has them all striaght. It would be a disaster if one period got mixed up with another. He had to be completely organized at late until he got the hang of things.
  9. She smiled and held back the temptation to flirt with him. He was a very attractive man to be teaching at an all girls school. They were going to eat him alive, more than likely. "Have a good day, Mr. Green." She said simply before taking her books on to her next class. The year was already looking up, if you asked her. She may fail a class or two, but she had a new teacher so all was well with the world.
  10. Zack continued the same pattern through the next couple of classes. He was sure that he had a great start to his first year of tesching. He ignored the girls flirting. He knew that did it simply because he was anew guy, some did it in hopes that he would give them a good grade, and others did it because they generally found him attrackive. He had no interest in a younger woman. Or women at all.he needed this job too much to get distracted.
  11. By the time lunch came around, she'd already scored two homework assignments and her AP English class already had a book handed out to read. The school year was certainly starting out with a bang. Lunchtime gossip ranged from boys at their brother school to the new Psych teacher, all of which was old news. None of them seemed to have caught who their monitor on duty was, but when Nora looked up and there stood Mr. Green, she wasn't disappointed.
  12. Zack was nervous and trying desperately to hide it. He had never supervised so many kids at one time. Luckily most of them seemed to be god kids that followed the rules. He walked slowly through the lunchroom. He would occasionally stop to talk to someone. But for the most part he just watched and listened. It was amazing the things he learned just walking around the room.
  13. "He is cute." She agreed when one of her friends commented in her general direction. "But hush up or he's gonna hear you. That'd be awkward." Nora scolded, feeling a little too much like a mom in that particular moment. When he walked in the general direction of their table, she smiled at the man. "How's your day going, Mr. Green?" She asked, trying to be friendly. Nora really was a good student, just not always the brightest.
  14. "Ladies." Zack dipped his head to greet them all at one before he turned his smile to Nora. "I am doing well. I think I might make it trough my first day of teaching without any permanent scars." he told her with a chuckle. "What about you. How is your first day going?"
  15. Here we go. Whisper whisper whisper. Nora addressing a teacher? At lunch? This never happened. And he'd even regarded the whole table! Teenage girls were fickle creatures. "It's early yet." She teased, smiling easily. "First day isn't going badly. Not sure how I feel about homework on the first day, but I'm used to it." Nora shrugged, trying to make conversation.
  16. Zack didn't seem to notice the attention they were attacking. His eyes were completely focused on her while she talked. He seemed to honestly care about her answer. Unlike some teachers that just asked out of habit. "I think it's only fair that you bet homework since I get some." he teased her with a smile.
  17. Nora was used to attention, so she wasn't really concerned with it as a whole. If anything, it was kind of amusing to her. Didn't they have something better to do than watch the exchange in silence? Well.. no. He teased her back and she laughed. She tried to sound serious as she scoffed. "But it doesn't mean I have to enjoy it." She stuck her tongue out at him and nearly immediately regretted it. She couldn't really flirt with a teacher, not in such a public place.
  18. "No one enjoys home work. Not even us life long nerds." he told her with a laugh. He reached out and gentle squeezed her shoulder. "I'll see you girls in class." he said as he head off in the other direction.
  19. She grinned, "I didn't know that's what teachers were calling themselves now-a-days." Nora commented, taking his squeeze on the shoulder as a simple, friendly gesture. "See you!" Was the general chorus from the girls as he walked away, and then the whispering turned to direct questions and she was distracted once more.
  20. Zack finished the lunch period without any major trouble. Which was a huge relief for him. After class he went back to teaching classes. The day was long but he was pleasantly surprised at how well things had gone,
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