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Hey Y'all

About Me
  • I just graduated, so actively I'm job hunting AND studying for a licensing exam. It's driving me crazy. That means I'm really busy but I really have this itch to scratch.
  • I need someone who is going to be flexible, or at least understands, if I seem sporadic. It's really not intentional.
  • Clearly I love planning and collaborating so I’m looking forward to it ❤
  • I like some meat but like, the kind a sandwich, not a steak. Like, I'm good with two or three paragraphs of text. No one liners.
  • I prefer RPing either in forums or on Discord.
  • Writing Samples provided by request. Or just look at my history. Either's fine.
  • Yes I can do Redstar if you're interested

With that in mind, I'm looking for someone to collaborate with on a modern day Hades / Persephone RP.
  • If you don't know the story, click here. With that said, we can always incorporate elements outside of the original myth.
  • It can be as true to reality as possible, or as stylized as possible. We can work together on that
  • Also, it can be M/M, M/F, or F/F, with either of us playing either role. I'm flexible.
  • The only things that I'm not flexible on are these: Both characters have to be adults, and I'd prefer not to have a large age gap. And no rape / sexual assault please. Like I know sometimes the description for the myth says 'Rape' but that was a word they used for like, abduction or some shit. It wasn't actual rape.
  • However, I would at least like some romantic and sexual content. Like, it's plot / romance over porn but like, a completely chaste story isn't what I'm after.

Post or PM me if you're interested :)
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Hi! I’m interested!


a violent delight
Roleplay Invitations
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Posting Speed
Several Posts a Day, A Few Posts A Day
Writing Levels
Intermediate, Adept
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I’m not sure if you would be interested or not, but I have a character named Juniper. She’s the daughter of Hades and Persephone. Heavily based off Orphic Mythology.

I adore Greek Mythos so I have quite a bit of knowledge on it. If you’d be interested shoot me a message! (ps I also roleplay on discord)