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  1. Hello, friends! I'm new here and need to get some roleplays going. Below I've listed some of the main fandoms that I enjoy which range anywhere from anime to Kpop. This list was taken from a google doc that I recycle just to make my life easier ( just in case this looks eerily similar to anyone).

    OC X Canon AND/OR Canon x Canon
    *Doubling up preferred to ensure that we both get the pairings we want, unless we both agree on one single pairing.

    At the moment I'd really love a Kpop thread (see specific groups that I'm familiar with below), which can be canon x canon OR OC x canon, but depending on the group the latter option may be the easiest. In this case, you would choose an idol that you'd like to pair your OC with and I would choose an idol that I would like to pair mine with. We would play those idols for each other to make things fair.

    The alternative for this, of course, would be pairing two idols together (like Heechul and Siwon, for example -- or Krystal and Kai).

    If Kpop isn't your cup of tea then I've listed other things that I'm up for roleplaying!


    *italics means that is the character I'd prefer you to play (usually the first one listed).

    Video games;;

    Kingdom Hearts

    Sora x Naminé
    Roxas x Naminé
    Axel x Naminé
    Roxas x Xion
    Axel x Xion

    Final Fantasy XIII

    Noel x Yeul
    Noel x Serah
    Snow x Serah
    Caius x Yeul

    Life is Strange

    Chloe x Max
    Chloe x Rachel

    Anime/Animated Works;;

    Owari no Seraph

    Guren x Mahiru
    Guren x Shinya
    Mika x Yuu
    Ferid x Krul


    Sasuke x Sakura
    Naruto x Hinata
    Itachi x Sakura
    Zabuza x Haku
    Kakashi x Rin
    Obito x Rin
    Kisame x Itachi
    Sasori x Deidara

    Teen Titans

    Beast Boy x Terra

    Book Series;;

    Vampire Academy

    Adrian x Rose
    Adrian x Sydney
    Dimitri x Rose
    Christian x Lissa


    *if you don't see a group that you'd like me to write for your pairing then don't be afraid to ask! Odds are I may know of them. These groups are just the ones that I am the most familiar with in terms of the whole/most of the group and not just a select few.

    Girls’ Generation
    Red Velvet
    Super Junior
    Oh My Girl
  2. Hi there! I'd like to do Naruto and a Kpop role play if you'd be up for it. I'm looking for Gdragon from BigBang!
  3. Hello there! I'm definitely up for Naruto, unfortunately, I don't know how well of a Gdragon I would play because I've never been that into Big Bang. My YG game isn't that strong haha!
  4. Annyeonghasayo! Are you still looking for a kpop roleplay? I'm up for Seventeen if you're interested? :3

    Oh! and AJ from U-Kiss is my birthday buddy :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.