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  1. Hello! Thank you for taking your time to look here. :)
    I am very new here, so I am not very sure how it works mostly but let's hope I do! :D

    For some reasons, I really love how characters disguise themselves as someone else that my character know and use mine for yours' desires (either naughty or not). Imagine your character as Mystique from X-Men or an alien in hiding or so.

    Note: I will say "I / my / me" as my character, not myself. It goes same to "you / your" as your character.
    Example of Disguise (open)
    You are flying in a spaceship as an alien girl but due to Earth's atmosphere (or got hit by meteor or whatever), your spaceship can't handle the flying which you will crash onto the forest but you survived as you left your destroyed ship behind. You seek any nearest living being as you wander in the forest until you arrived at the backyard of the house, with an adult woman alone inside. Your body is completely off to compare to a human body, so you come in to invade her which you could use any meaning to disguise your alien body by taking her appearance (shapeshift or body-possession or turn her into a suit to put on) to make her be disappeared, so she won't blow your cover up before I as her daughter show up, which you starts act like nothing happens to her by being her with little naughty side of your true self (horny alien, you know? so, kind mother changes to naughty mother) which I would not notice anything off and accept you, even you being an alien to me as we spend our life together and hope you can manage your cover that much long without be found.

    It's just like that. >////>
    If you do not wish to include the sexual / naughty, that's totally fine with me as I can do non-18+ either! :)

    Here my fetishes (and Hating ones too) are!
    Love them! (AKA "Yes") (open)
    Slimegirls - Examples --> & &
    Shapeshift / Transform - There are some different kinds of this, so I will have you know this. I like the one that is for fool / trick my character to believe your shapeshifted character into somebody else I know. Here is one of many examples; You come to my house that my mother and I lived in; you would either hide my mother away or anything mean to remove her out of my picture that you can (beam her up to UFO or whatever) and you shapeshift into my mother before I come in to find nothing happen and continue act like normal as if you were not to replace my mother's place while you would do something differently that my real mother would not. (I might update this soon, to be more clear by either adding more details or less "many words" with much understandable meanings)... Examples of "Shapeshifting Slimegirl" and is possible to become more "human" (Let me know if any gif is not working after a short while to load and I will find somewhere else to upload) --> & & & & & &
    Futanaris or Hermaphrodites
    Parent and Child - I like to be child (daughter, wisely) to start with.
    Incest & Twincest & Selfcest - If used to combine with Shapeshifter or Shapeshifting Slimegirl either, fake twin sister can be also counted to twincest. Selfcest is more like this; (which is almost familiar to "fake twin sister" as twincest)
    Story Driven - Expresses a preference for RP's which are primarily played for reasons other than sex, typically involving complex situations, elaboration and amplification of settings and comparatively little sex. NOTE: It can be both however as long as it remains affected to be "story" for some whatever reason; such as a magic to control our bodies to do sex "permanently" and we find a spell to lift it up in time... you know what I mean, do you?
    Soft Vores - There are few different types of this I like mostly, so I am breaking them down seperately. Very useful if slimegirl or shapeshifter either.
    Vore: Being Prey - Being the one who is being consumed in a vore or unbirth situation, acting as the prey.
    Unbirthing - The act of physically consuming another character, performed through the vagina, or being the recipient of such actions.
    Absorption - Vore by means of merging with the predator.
    Anal Vore - Vore where something or someone is swallowed into the anus, it must not have scats inside to bath over me (please don't... or I will ban you, >.> ).
    Cock Vore - The act of physically consuming another character, performed through the penis, often resulting in the prey character being lodged into the testicles, or being the recipient of such actions.
    Skinsuit Vore - Not real named vore but sounds good enough to this example; You could use any meaning (magic or slime's effect or alien or so) to cause my body turn into hollow then you dress me up like i am your "bodysuit." Close enough to the shapeshift / transform fetish to trick / fool somebody else. Example: > > (it don't have to be this ending where you would fold me up and put in the closet, you can just return me back to normal while you are stripping me-suit off. :) )
    Twins / Clones
    Skinsuit - The suit that does look like very real human body when wore. Also, when wore, it transform the wearer into that suit (example: If you are putting the "Hitomi" skinsuit on, your body will transform into this Hitomi person and make yourself look like her outside of videogame-screen... it even changes your voice to hers and can act like her mostly at your will like this > )
    Pregnants (Vored or Real either)
    Dominants - I am submissive, so do the brain job to figure out. :P
    Any settings - Mean I am up for any place we like to do or have sex at. School, bath, public (*blushes red*), nightclub, laboratory, outdoor, locker, and more.
    Body Possession - more like a ghost enter my body to take over my body to do something unusually I would not do... even nude to walk in public? o__O;; XD

    Maybe... Have to ask me for those first. (open)
    Watersports - Only "Yes" if you would be slimegirl (Hello? She is nothing but a WHOLE slime inside... she would piss / cum nothing else than her own slime, yes?)
    Males - I am not saying that I "HATE" the guys. It's just that I only allow them for characters to speak, like NPC in videogames, you know? If to have sex with males, this will be "NO!" level, so... that's why no bold is here.

    No no no no! (open)
    Heavy Dirty Talking - I am not exactly good at it because I would unable to notice the difference between "it's just for fun talk, you are not really (dirty-talk here)" and "I am serious, you (dirty-talk here)", so I put it in here, just for be safety.
    Forced Actions
    Hard Rape
    Hard Vores - Any vore that would kill the prey without failure.
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  2. Hello! I wanted to jump in real quick to clarify something. Because of Iwaku's policy to keep adults and teens from writing sex scenes together, and thus creating the libertine forums so that people are free to explore that kind of writing with the correct age group, we don't allow sexual requests in the general requests forum. If you want this to be sexual, I can easily move it to the libertine forum for you. Or you can clean up your post and make it non-sexual, and then there's no problem with leaving it here.

    Thank you!
  3. Oh, I am so sorry!
    I have no idea about this! =O
    I was only brought myself to here for my roleplay friend who quitted to roleplay anywhere else than here, so I tried to tackle here to continue our roleplay in PM. but she didn't tell me anything about this, just more like "please go there and we can roleplay there", period.
    I am actually up for either (non-sexual or sexual), to be honest... so, if you can move my topic to other easily, please do it so.
    Thank you for note me about my mistake, Peregrine.
  4. It's okay. Because it is illegal for people over the age of 18 to write sex scenes with people under 18 (anyone involved, and the site, can get in massive legal trouble), but the admin at Iwaku still wanted to allow people under the age of 18 to experiment in writing, we created the Libertine forums. Since each age group (marked by the red or cyan stars in the upper left of the avatar) can only get into one forum, it becomes impossible for age groups to mix, and everyone is safe from nasty legal trouble.

    So no worries about the mistake. It is my job to keep an eye out for these things! I've moved the thread into the Libertine forums, and I'm sure you'll get some interest soon. It sounds like a fun idea.

    If you ever want to do this same idea without any sex, feel free to repost in the general partner requests.
  5. Okay! Thank you!
    Yeah, I know about the terms but I was like a lost person in crowded pages, so when I found the previous one (the one I posted before you moved it to right here) which sounds like "Seeking Roleplay" place but had no idea it does affect the age-limits. But again, thank you. :)
    I will make sure to re-post it with non-sexual idea (which it would be kinda hard but not impossible. :) ).

    Oh! Before I forget, can you try your (or your admins) best to fix this problem of your website itself? Check the "file" I just uploaded to see what I mean by that problem.

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  6. I'd recommend taking that to the Help Desk! That's where bugs, errors, help requests, and site ideas are posted. :D
  7. I'd like to do a Slimegirl RP with you! ^(^_^)^
  8. Yay! Thank you! :D
    Discuss about it (the plot) to plan in PM? :)
  9. I'm interested! I just gotta do stuff for a while before I can post more!
  10. Thank you for interesting it! =D it make me so happy! X3
    PM me for some discussions to make a plot before we start it somewhere. ^^
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