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Chapeau de Paille

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Before you jump into conclusions about my avatar, no, i don't do only anime, but the character can appear in a verse.
if you wonder about the genres, here you go:

action/adventure, crossovers, a touch of fantasy (i'm not a huge fan of fantasy itself), supernatural, sci-fi can be included.

my verses:

-Gravity Rush (2nd included),
-Jak & Daxter,
-Sly Cooper,
-Child of Light,
-Oddworld (that includes stranger's wrath),
-Kya Dark Lineage..
-One Piece (i do not want to do only this verse, and i reserve it for a few).

Keep in mind that i rarely do only one verse, i prefer to mix two verses, two main characters that either work together, or work separately.

Even tought i doesn't have a plot in mind, you can suggest me an idea, i pick the idea that interest me the most or give me motivation to work with.

some rules:

-i do not expect you to have a perfect grammar (mine isn't perfect), but avoid using text-talk, no matter if it's in OOC or IC, it's frustrating.

-i do not force you to be on 24hrs on 24 or 7days on 7, so try to respond when you have the time, it's fine if you take little breaks or you are busy or deal with an issue, i may be comprehensive over that.

-please, do not suggest smut plots, that includes kinks stuffs, i grew tired of seeing a lot of sexual things, so, i would like a clean RP, i know it's hard to find or to start..

-do not spam me, i may be away for some rests and i consider the health more important than the RP itself.

-i do not plan of accepting other verses, the only that is interesting is the ones listed above.

-be respectfull, i know that life is hard, but, it's not a reason to consider someone as a personnal punching-ball.

-i am very picky over OCs, it's rare when a character is enough interesting, i do not say that all OCs are bad, but i would like a character that is isn't made only for pairing or superiority, our characters must be equal.

-If you want to know wich characters i can play as, just ask here.

-RPs are always reserved for PMs, but we need to talk before i may follow you and accept your message, i don't like when a message is send without a discussion..

-I do not have a preference over a lenght or age, i don't judge someone based of their ages, for me, this judgement mean nothing at all, even a younger person can make a good story..
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