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I'm looking to do a literate, smutty Pokemon RP. Plotwise, it's the classic story of adventures, rivalries, romance, smut, championships, international criminal organizations toppled by plucky kids and their electric rats...that sorta thing. I know...totally unique and not having been done by hundreds of people already. This can be a one-shot, short-term or long-term RP in length, or we can play it by ear. I want this RP to contain a great deal of humor, snark, romance, adventure, fluff and mostly light-hearted content; anyone seeking dark, morbidly-serious plotlines would be wiser to look elsewhere. I want to write a good deal of smut in this, and want a partner who's willing to do so. Thus, I request that all characters--whether OC or canon--be played at least 19-20 years of age.

Here is what I am seeking in a partner:
Knowledge and familiarity of the Pokemon anime to at least the Sinnoh saga (Pokemon Diamond & Pearl/Sinnoh League/Galactic Battles)
Someone who writes descriptive Pokemon battles (Reading and/or writing "Charmander uses Slash" or "Porygon used Psychic" all the time is boring; I like to truly describe the battle and moves)
Someone who allows Pokemon more than the four-move limit imposed in the games

In this, I would be playing as a male OC; I'm looking for a partner willing to play as a character from one of the following three groups:
1) Canon females from the Pokemon anime (I'd love to find someone willing to RP as one of these): Misty, Bianca, Georgia, Burgundy, Iris or Ursula
2) Female OCs: I would be interested in RPing my OC opposite a female OC, though I'd be solely interested in females that have fire and spirit. Particularly, females that are vivacious, witty, hot-blooded, fiery, passionate, outgoing, playful and confident to the point of cockiness. I'm not interested in meek shrinking violets who won't go after their dreams, abrasive ice queens or spineless damsels-in-distress who lack conviction and depend on others for everything; I'll take the lady who'll stand by my side in the light and kick ass over the one who'll hide behind me in the shadows any day. This being said, within this group I vastly prefer OCs with extensive bios, histories, personalities and such; as I put a great deal of time into my OC, I ask the same of others. (Consequently, I may be a tad picky.) Give me as much detail as you will, or if you're interested, I can send you a bio sheet to help you flesh her out.
3) Non-Pokemon canon Wish List: I'd be interested in RPing opposite a Pokemon trainer version of Ginny Weasley, Luna Lovegood (Harry Potter) or Asuka Langley (Neon Genesis Evangelion).

To ensure my likes/dislikes are read so both partners get the measure of each other, I've listed one of my favorite Pokemon in this post; have your PM's Subject line be "The Egotist's Favored [Pokemon's name]" so I know you read it. Here's hoping for a few bites, or at least a hope that you find an RP that gladdens your heart. :)
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Name: Jean
Age: 17
Hometown: ??? ( won't say)
Nickname: “The Ghost gal"
Profession: Pokemon trainer
Dream: To become the strongest ghost trainer ever.

-Duskull (The weaker)
-Ghastly ( her favorite)
-murkrow (over protective)
-rapidash (transport)
-Darkrai (who NEVER listens -_- given to her by her father)

I'll post more If you're interested ^_^
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