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  1. Hey guys. I'm Emmeline, it's nice to meet you, etc. So here's the deal- I've been craving a few things lately and I figured I would shout into the void and see if anyone shouted back.

    I'm currently an unemployed college student, so in theory, I have nothing but time. In practice, not so much. I'm currently writing a game (a tabletop rpg) and I have an on-going health condition, both of which largely monopolize my time. I'm also just a slow writer in general, so apologies in advance. I've been roleplaying for a number of years now and I write regularly. I aim for two-three paragraph posts and I try to keep my quality of writing as high as I can. Hopefully, my partner can do the same. I primarily play male characters and as for romances, I'm fine with either MxM or MxF.

    As for what I'm after:

    Harry Potter- I play any generations except Marauders (sorry). I prefer post-Battle, but I am open to others. I also love writing Quidditch scenes. I also usually play Draco or occasionally Harry, if needed. I'm alright with any pairings really, I'm not picky.

    Kingdom Hearts- I prefer modern aus, rather than canon/game settings. I usually play Roxas, or sometimes Axel. Again, alright with any pairing though I have a massive soft spot for Axel/Roxas.

    Merlin (BBC)- I like either canon era or modern au. I usually play either Merlin or Arthur.

    Dragon Age: Inquisition- This game ruined me forever. Like, how dare you, Bioware. I have played the other games in this series, Origins and DA:2, so if you want to play characters from these games, that's awesome. I haven't roleplayed this before, but I have read and written my fairshare of fanfiction, and usually write my male Inquisitor Lavellan or Dorian Pavus (my bby <3). I also have a massive love for male Inquisitor/Dorian as a pairing, but I'm alright with any pairings, really. Also, sticking to the game plot is probably preferable for this, but modern aus are also much loved.

    Game of Thrones- Honestly, I just really want a medieval fantasy rp right now and I've been rereading the books since the show ended last week (it's gonna be a long year's wait...) and it's rapidly consuming my life. I'm cool with playing canon characters/families or OCs, if you'd rather play outside of the books/show, that's totally cool.

    I don't have prepared plots for any of these, but I love brainstorming with people as it tends to produce the best plots and stories. If you have any plots or plot devices you like, please feel free to pitch them. Also, if there are any other fandoms/pairings you're looking for, shoot me a PM and we can discuss them.
  2. If you're still looking I'd love to do Dragon Age Inquisition with you. I tend to love Male Lavellan / Solas (with me playing Solas) or any of the other male characters with him. I can also play peeps from previous games.
  3. I'm still looking, shoot me a PM and we can discuss it :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.