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  1. My Exceptions
    I am not really expecting much from my partners. But I ask that you post at least once a week at the bare minimal. As for post length, At least a paragraph will suffice with me.

    What I can Offer
    I will provide a post at least once a day or multiple depending on the size in question. My post will often be at least 3-4 paragraphs on average.

    Plots and Settings

    A Nerd and her Knight

    Through all of her years in high school, a girl had been called a nerd because of her love for the medieval times and dreams of a knight sweeping her off her feet. Slowly making friends with others baring the same label, they all gather for a Renaissance Fair. When the time comes for the melee, one of the reenactors had disappeared. So the lead reenactor selected a girl at random, which surprised everyone, but surprised the nerdy girl the most as she was selected to play a princess. When the melee was finished and one knight remained, instead of claiming the prize, the knight only ran a hand over the girl's face before leaving. Now the girl is in college and has yet to meet her roommate, who has been missing for a few weeks. When the Renaissance Fair returns that year, she is surprised to see her knight once again...It seems the knight has not forgotten her, but just as quickly as the knight appeared (s)he disappears and the girl's roommate appears in her dorm room, with several more bags then before.

    Living a Lie

    In New York, it is rumored that there is a bar hidden from the mainstream, a place where one can go and relax without being judged. But when a girl hears from her friend that if she is pretty enough, a girl can get free drinks from the patrons, provided she doesn't mind lying about something. But when the girl attempts to coax a few drinks out of the patrons, she finds herself falling into her own she slowly falls in love with the mysterious owner of the bar, a woman who knows what she wants.

    The Rebirth of a Star

    A college basketball star has earn a reputation for being a glory hog on her school's team. Her teammates and coach are tired of her attitude and the way she chews others out after a losing game, the fans are tired of watching games that could be won. But when a new girl joins the team, everything seems to change. The star is forced to sit on the bench as the team starts playing as a team, games are won and the moral of the fans is restored. But when the former star player confronts the new girl in the locker room, she finds herself pushed against a locker as the new girl kisses her. After that a simple promise is made, "I will change you".

    Dangerous Emotions

    Within the illegal world of underground boxing, Two fighters stand at the top...two fighter who hate the very soul of the other as they stand across from each other, trading blows as they prove that only one deserves the top spot. But what no one realizes is that these two hated rivals, get along like sister. Often hitting a bar for a drink or two before heading to their shared apartment. Within the apartment several things often happen as they both unwind and recover from their fights, cuts are cleaned, bruises are iced and from time to time a bed is shared or in the winter, body heat is shared. But everything turns sour when one of the fighters is picked by a promoter to leave the illegal world for the legal boxing world.

    Jealously is ignited in the fighter who had not been chosen, but when the chosen boxer accepts the deal...An argument ensues between the two and a dangerous journey of self-destruction begins for one of the fighters, as she climbs her way into the same league as her former friend to confront her. When their fight begins it degrades from what the world know about the sport into the underground fighting that they had started in. Only after the dust had cleared that the winner was decided, but at what cost...

    The Perfect Predator

    For hundreds of years, Vampires have held themselves above the laws of the supernatural community and even the human laws. Using the untold riches and prestige that they possess, the Covens had sparked a war between the humans and the other races of the community. After the war raged for four years, the Vampires swooped in and delivered fatal blows to both factions...Before finally establishing themselves as the apex predator and the rulers of any city that they reside in. Humans were carted away as food and those that did not comply were killed and strung from street signs...The other supernatural races were used as slaves to work endlessly to build whatever the vampires wanted. To make things worse for the other races, the vampires thirst for blood and death led them to look for any reason to kill a slave or human. With these deaths piling on each other has brought a great deal of negative energy to the world. While all but the most sensitive members of the community ignored this energy, a creature of such ferocity and hungering to deliver the vengeance of the dead has been awaken.

    The Minotaur's Bride

    The fertile land that surrounds a small village has always been more of a problem then a blessing...Kingdoms fight over the land and the village, as creatures attack from the fields and lakes of the land. One day a band of knights decided that they have tired of the whores around their camp and want to play with the village's women. But before anything can proceed too far, a large imposing figure appear at the gates of the village. Lowering the cloak from her head, the stranger revealed herself to be a Minotaur, something the knight would rather have then the village's women. A fight ensues, but is finished extremely quickly as the knights turn and retreat. Rather then run their savior out of town, they plead for her assistance in the protection of their village. At first the Minotaur declines, but as the promises become more and more...She simply refuses them all, instead selecting a single woman that would become hers.


    On the night of her twenty-first birthday, a slayer decides that he doesn't need to follow the advice of her elders and heads out with a group of slayers for a bit of drunken fun. But when the drunken group stumbles into a bar that is frequented by Vampires and Werewolves, this leads to a bit of hostility when the bartenders refuse to serve the slayers... Not because of what they did for a living, but because they were already drunk and disorderly. But this didn't keep the young slayer from pulling out her weapon and start waving it about demanding free drinks. Sobering up quickly thanks to the reckless actions of their comrade, two of the slayers give the drunken slayer a push towards the door, causing her to stumble out into the cold, and into the waiting lap of a predator. The damage control was forgotten as the slayers heard a shout of pain and fear along with the howl of a wolf. Fate had begun it's decent on the slayer and now it was a race against time... Either she had to kill the wolf that changed her life or she would be hunted by her former comrades.


    Amidst the tall Pines and beautiful Maple trees of New England lies a dark secret. Harbored deep within the earth is bunker, to most it would be sensible for the owner to have one fearing the end of the world... But there is a secret to the bunker, it is not used for safety, but the confinement of sub-humans as most referred to them. For most of these sub-humans, the confinement was like paradise compared to their past living arrangements.. Each captive was fed three meals a day and given access to gym areas, but only under supervision of heavily armed soldiers. But once observations were over for a certain captive, they were studied on a deeper level... But now a new subject has been captured for study, but just three months into her confinement, the new subject finds that she has an ally hoping to help her escape... But just who is it and what does this person want in return?

    Forging a Bond

    The game developer Ambrosia Three has created the pinnacle of gaming excellent with their first open world MMORPG, Ghost of Battle- The Sacred War. The game was released to everyone, but it was later given a rating of AO, for it's uncensored sexual content and gruesome blood and gore. But despite these factors, the game promised so much, that was delivered. The developers promised that one would be able to hear the wind rustling the leaves as if it was happening right next to them, or that they could experience the touch of another player or the pain that comes from having a sword impaled into their guts, without the worry of death, this was achieved through the use of a special suit and visor system. The races included in the game were so numerous that no character was exactly the same, and the classes offered an even wider range of options. The only initial downside was that the world which was the size of North America, proved to be too small with it's rapidly growing fan base. So the developers adjusted to this and expanded the world by a factor of 5, introducing new cities and quest to the world. But one of the new quest had been deemed so hard by the developers that it drew the attention of every player in the game. "Slay or Form a link with the Strongest Creature in the game"...Most people forwent the attempt to for a link and died trying to slay the creature. It is now a rumor in the community that those who can kill the creature will become the strongest in the world.

    Blood and Love

    With nano being used in every function of life from construction to creating rations, it not surprising that game developers have taken it to a new level as they reveal the neural link. The neural link is a special type of nano that is grown within the body, it has several other functions besides gaming use...It can receive mail, calls, and even help with school work...but it's main use is for games. This special nano enhances the senses and in some cases the pleasures and pain that are felt in the games. But one game rules above all others, Ares: Factions at War created by Sierra Eight studios. Sierra Eight promised a unique game, complete with thousands of races drawn from every culture in the world, as if that was enough players could create a race of their own. They delivered all this and more, making the environments so varied and realistic that it was impossible to tell the difference between a game and life. With most of the gamers playing being over the age of 18, they could access the uncensored version of the game that included sexual actions with other players. But the war element was started once a month and tore friends and loves apart as their factions battled for the control of land in which a city could be built for their factions and even other factions to come live in.

    My Sister is a What???

    On the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia is home to a family of Werewolf hunters. But beneath the surface, Three members of the family were hiding a secret from their only daughter or so many other people believe. But what the parents tell him, rocks her confidence and trust in her family. On the night of her birthday, her parents reveal that she has an older sister, who on her first hunt was bitten by a werewolf. The parents couldn't bring themselves to kill her, so they stranded her on island. It was the son's duty after being told about his sister to either kill her sister or to bring her to her senses.

    The Hopeful Summon

    In a school built around the art of summoning an 18 year student finds herself flunking all of her test and her only chance hinges on his midterm fight. But all of her summons are of the lowest and weakest class. Taking it upon themselves, her weak summons band together for their mistress and form a magic circle to summon a being that will help her pass her test with the highest scores...they successfully summoned a very powerful and high ranking Creature. After the fight it turns out that the Summon has taken a liking to the young woman and wants the summoner as her own.

    The Sexiest Game (Based off The Most Dangerous Game)

    In the South Pacific, there is a chain of islands that belong to a very unique hunt club. On the island, hunters gather to hunt the most cunning animal of all, their fellow men or in some cases women. The women are hunted for a different reason then the men, the men are hunted for the thrill of the hunt while the women are hunted, but instead of being killed they are taken as slaves or pets.

    Tribe of the Panther Goddess (Based on the Amazons)

    In the rain forest of Southern Asia, several soldiers have been lost within..Their bodies were discovered several days later on the edge of the rain forest, their bodies bore stab and slash wounds. At first it was thought that they had ran across a group of rebels, but when a scout unit was sent in to investigate. The scouts came across a small band of women, each sitting upon the roots of a large tree...Several Black Panthers at their feet. The scouts were given a single warning to turn back, before the panthers and women disappeared deeper into the rain forest. Soon after the reports were given and read...The Scientific Community had a field day with this, sending their best Researcher and a small team of bodyguards to protect her...Her task was to study and gain the trust of this Tribe...A feat easier said then done, when a Goddess walks among them.

    I will be the Shadow to Your Light

    A young woman just starting her freshman year of college, is hoping to make a new life for herself. But after all the hard work that she has done, she is ignored by everyone as if she didn't exist. But as she was walking from her dorm to a nearby store, she witnessed a woman stumbling off the corner into on coming traffic...With only a split second to react, the Freshman pulls the woman back before any harm could be done. With a smile the woman turns and with just a simple word, the world goes black for the freshman. When she awakens, she finds herself in her dorm room, her roommate no where to be found...But when she looks next to her, she finds a woman sleeping next to her, embracing her.

    Of Bullets and Magic

    The year is 2075 and while time marches forward, The customs have gone taken steps backwards. Individuals now duel for the rights of ownership...The rules. 1 Bullet. But with the world saturated in magic, their are many customs that have been added to these duel as most wounds are no longer fatal. But with the introduction of cybernetic limbs, many have willingly given up their flesh and severed their ties with the magic, for increased reflexes and speed. Now 93% of the world has severed ties, The duels have lead to increased death-toll as medics can not get to the wounded in time. But their are rumors of a woman who can compete with even the most impressive cybernetics and has yet to sever her connection to the magic. She is sought out by many, so that they may become legends themselves.

    A Fae Hunted

    In the Mortal realm where magic passes in the blink of an eye, a storm is brewing as a war threatens to tear the Realm of the Fae apart and along with the balance of the Mortal World. The war start because both the Summer and Winter knights had been killed and their mantles stolen. Without the knights the Faes of Winter and Summer power has started to clash and the only way of solving this problem is a war in the Fae Realm. Both Summer and Winter have dispatched the same hunter to track down the thief. But what is to come of the Thief and Hunter in the Mortal Realm. (Female X Female Only)...Plot can be expanded as needed.

    Games of the Fae: Never going to let Go

    The Unseelie Court of Winter has made a massive wager with the Seelie Court of Summer. The Wager tells of a Unseelie Leanan Sidhe taking a mortal woman as a lover. But that would be simple right?, Wrong the rest of the wager is that the Leanan Sidhe would feed on the mortal until she died, but when she is brought back by the Sidhe, if she still loves the Sidhe then the next challenge is used. But if she fails then she must leave the Unseelie Court and live with the Seelie, where she will become the lover of their Lady.

    Love to Stand the Greatest Test

    During a great war that would shape his nation's future, a Young Princess and her lover fought side by side. Each was a master of the blade, but it had always annoyed the young princess to be beaten by her lover in terms of skills. But just minutes before the opposing country's king surrender, a lance pierced the lover's chest. After the battle, her body was prepared and buried in her family's tomb...but her sword hung from the princess hip from that day on, never to be wielded in battle or touched by anyone, but the princess herself. When the princess became the Queen of her country, she was always distracted by her fallen lover...In the end she died of natural causes, but those that knew her, knew that it was a broken heart. But time flowed on the Princess and her lover were reborn in the modern time...The princess remained part of the high class and her lover was part of middle class, when they meet again, the Princess can feel the pull to her lover, but her advances and attempts are just shrugged off or completely ignored, but when she challenged her reborn lover to sword fight for a date, she finds herself on her knees in defeat once again...It seems the princess will need to work once again to get her lover back.

    You can run, but you will never escape

    During a routine lesson in summoning, an apprentice makes a mistake in vocalizing part of the chant. Rather then stopping and restarting the chant, she continues. But towards the end of the chant, the class room darkens and eventually the lights go out completely. Before the instructor and other students could do anything about the lights, they flickered back on. Standing inside the apprentice's circle was a spectral horse and his rider, The Leader of the Wild Hunt. The rider's cold eyes seemed to take in the apprentice, before the instructor could reverse the summoning, the rider shattered the circle and rode off into the distances, leaving the room looking like a war zone. The instructor grasp the apprentice and took her to the head master, where it was deemed the the apprentice's safety was the most important thing, but little did they realize the rider's true intentions...The rider wants the apprentice as her bride, not a trophy.

    A Price to Pay

    The Supernatural community that makes up a good portion of the population of Houston is held in check by a strict set of rules. These rules are set by the largest pack in North America and their no nonsense Alpha. Every supernatural had to check in with a member of the pack and give their information regarding the reason for coming to Houston, the length of their stay and a number that they could be contacted in case of trouble. But a renegade band and their leader soon make an appearance, believing that they can just take the city and control from the Alpha and her pack. The confidence that the leader possess is born from the stories of the Alpha...All of them stating the Alpha is the oldest and least likely Alpha to fight directly in face of conflict...But what the band doesn't realize is that the stories were spread by the Alpha and her pack. A Price will be Paid in Blood or Servitude.

    Siren's Song

    "Sirens the mythological creatures who's sorrowful song had led a great number of sailor from the ancient world to their watery graves. They are only legends, but we have found the island that was once called their home" A Cryptozoologist reports into a camera, for a documentary on legendary creatures. Above the sounds of the wind and rough seas a beautiful song could be heard coming seemingly from nowhere. All of the male occupants aboard the ship run to the front looking for the source of the sound, once they found the location, the began to dive into the rough seas to see what was producing the beautiful song, only to be smashed into the rocks hidden just beneath the water's surface.

    Year after Year reports started coming in about abandoned or sinking boats were filed, all coming from the same local area. Finally the Government sent in a navy cruiser to check out the air, but soon lost contact with the crew of the cruiser. Not wanting to risk the lives of anymore men, then sent in a special picked team of all females, as those who had been lost were all male.

    It took Five long days of searching, before the culprit was discovered and captured. No one knew what it was exactly or if it was even a true creature and not some just playing a trick. The women admitted that the creature had a beautiful voice, that's when it dawned on the team that they had discovered a Siren or so they believed.

    Instead of taking the Siren straight back like they were suppose to, they instead decided to make as much money off the Siren as they could. So the Siren was put up for auction with every Government bidding to buy it. There were extremely wealthy people who also wanted to buy the Siren to keep as a pet or to show off as a trophy.

    A Render's Fate

    A war between the Sun Strikers and Moon Walkers has been waging for hundreds of years. But now a peace has been brokered between the two, though they still view each other with a healthy sense of distrust. A few days after the peace was formed a ill-tempered member of the Sun Strikers poisoned a elite Render of the Moon Walkers, the poison drove her insane and she killed several members of her pack, before running into the forest. The Sun Strikers member was found, killed and hung for all to see and the war threatened to start again, but both packs knew that the render would need to be captured first, so in response the Sun Strikers sent out their best Render to capture her. Both Renders had met on the battlefield many times and all of the meetings went to the Moon Walker Render. Now it was an opportunity for to save such a worthy rival.

    A Deal Struck

    For years, the bodies of the recently deceased have faded from existence and no one had ever gotten even close to figuring out why this had and is still happening. But now on the day of her twenty-first birthday, A woman witnesses something strange while walking to the bar with her friends, she is stopped when she feels a hand stroke her cheek. Looking between her friends, she was surprised when they gave her a funny look. Ignoring the feeling, they continued on, only for the woman to feel someone touch her cheek again, this time she spun around. But there was no one behind her...But as she turned back, she caught a view of a woman in a red cloak brandishing a black scythe standing behind her in the window of the bar.

    What happens in Vegas, Stays...Right?

    A straight party girl and her friends takes a trip to Vegas for a fun time before a wedding, that is going to be held the next day in Vegas. So to celebrate the friends go out to drink and dance to their hearts content, but her friends slowly start to return to the hotel to rest and freshen up for the wedding. But the girl ignores them and continues to drink and party, to the point that she blacks out. The next morning she wakes up to find herself in a strange bed completely nude, with a nude woman sleeping beside her.

    The Art of Seduction

    An actress who was brought in for a big name movie, is not someone who is use to receiving no for an answer. She could have any guy or woman that she wants, all of the directors would love to have her star in one of their movies. But it wasn't until she was cast to play demoness that she learn that someone could resist her charms, and who is this person. She is the woman who creates that costumes and does the makeup for the actress, turning the beautiful woman into a jaw dropping, knockout gorgeous demoness. With the pangs of someone refusing her, the actress sets out to seduce her makeup artist.

    A Separated Love

    Twin sisters who had been separated at birth, never knowing that the other existed have lived two very different lives. The oldest by just minutes was raised by her birth parents and eventually grew up to become the CEO of a Major Corporation. The Younger sister was given to a Lesbian couple who wanted desperately to have child, She was raised just as well as her older sister. But instead of running a Corporation, she instead runs a highly successful gay bar. But fate has other plans in store for the separated sisters, With the approaching reading of the will of their birth parents, The oldest sister is finally informed that she has a sister and soon embarks of a search for her sister. With so little information about her sister and no pictures to go by, it seems impossible to find her until a chance meeting leads them to each other without them knowing.

    Love, Blood and Submission

    In New York there is an underground arena where the rich and dominant come to prove that they are above everyone else. They send their submissives into the arena to fight like animals, for pride and wealth. But the few that do not have a submissive to call their own, bet on what are called rouge submissives, who are not trained in any sense. But should the submissive win and the winning party takes interest in them, then they have the option of taking the submissive in place of their winnings.

    Vengeance of Others

    The Year is 2018 and the world didn't end 2012 like everyone believe, but it came to close to happening. As the first magic flare rolled across the word, all of the technology ranging from simplest clock to the most complex war machine, loss all use, Planes fell from the sky causing massive loss of life. But also the emergence of Others came with the flare. From Angelic creatures to Zombies, every creature of human legend emerged from the shadows. It wasn't long until the Others had a massive holding in the lives of Humans, Vampires owned the Clubs and Casinos. Mages and other practitioners controled massive industries. Humans soon grew tired of the rapid rising of the Others and soon Paranormal Activity Division(PAD) was formed to put a reign on the Others.

    But this instead caused unrest among the Others and not just the violent ones either. With the passing of Several Laws, the freedom that the Others had enjoyed like anyone else was taken away. This caused the barely contained violence to spill over, As even the most Peaceful of Others attacked anyone insight . It was planned to just kill all of the Others with nuclear weapons, but with the random occurring Flares and the fact that most of the others were in highly populated areas turned this into war into a hunt. The Others have cried out for Vengeance against Humanity.

    --->Legends of the 5 Horsewomen<---
    Headless Horsewoman x Police Officer/Soldier
    War x Princess
    Death x Assassin
    Pestilence x Scientist
    Famine x Any

    Blood & Fangs

    Sire x Fledgling
    Elder x Elder
    Crusnik x Elder
    Crusnik x Fledgling
    Renfield x Elder
    Renfield x Fledgling
    Sire x Fledgling x Renfield
    Elder x Human
    Fledgling x Human

    Fangs & Silver

    Alpha x Alpha
    Alpha x Beta
    Alpha x Omega
    Alpha x Delta
    Beta x Omega
    Beta x Delta
    Delta x Omega
    Alpha x Human
    Beta x Human
    Delta x Human

    Fangs & Bullets
    Vampire Slayer x Werewolf Partner
    Werewolf Hunter x Vampire Partner
    Dragon Slayer x Demon(ess)
    Demon Slayer x Dragon(ess)
    Vampire Slayer x Vampire Girlfriend
    Werewolf Hunter x Werewolf Girlfriend

    --->Sci-Fi Realm<---
    Mercenary x A.I
    Soldier x Ship Captain
    Survivor x Alien
    Soldier x Super Soldier
    Alien x A.I
    Soldier x Researcher
    Researcher x Rebel
    Time Traveler x Ancestor
    Doom Keeper x Modern Woman
    Crimson Reaver x Lone Survivor
    Soldier x Pirate/Rebel
    Alien x Researcher
    Alien x Soldier

    Blood and the Sea Pairings

    Pirate x Mermaid (Can be done in a modern setting)
    Pirate x Sailor (Can be done in a modern setting)
    Surfer x Mermaid
    Surfer x Surfer
    Captain x Pirate
    Captain x Sailor

    Arranged Marriage Pairings

    Assassin x Assassin
    Assassin x Thief
    Thief x Thief
    Police Officer x Thief
    Police Officer x Assassin

    Modern Pairings

    Hacker Girlfriend x CIA Agent
    Street Racer x Rival Racer
    Cafe Waitress x Actress
    Lead Singer x Manager
    Lead Singer x Band Member
    Soccer Player x Coach
    Sniper x Spotter
    Tank Commander x Mechanic
    Drill Instructor x New Recruit
    Pilot x Soldier
    Rebel x Soldier
    Trainer x Fighter
    Air Marshall x Passenger
    Commanding Officer x Heartbro
    ken Soldier
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  2. I would love to give I will be the Shadow to Your Light
    But I have to read through the rest of the stories tomorrow once I had some sleep, they are all so great!
  3. wow you are relly good i mean i can be that creative... but any who i love to rp i really liked The Perfect Predator, A Price to Pay and Bitten
  4. I would love to try 'Vengeance of Others' with you o.o
  5. "You can run, but you will never escape" Looks interesting, I would love to try it with you =)
  6. Don't know which one strikes me more... So, take your pick on which you rather do. The ones in light green are peaking my interest more though... They leave an inquiry that I'm wondering about...which can only be found within the writing process.

    A Nerd and Her Knight - The Nerd
    The Minotaur's Bride - The Bride
    The Hopeful Summon - The Summoner
    I Will Be the Shadow to Your Light - The Student
    A Deal Struck - The Barhopper
  7. Vampire Slayer x Werewolf Partner


    Werewolf Hunter x Werewolf Girlfriend

    I know these are pairings and not plots but I would LOVE to do one of these, or possibly try to work one of these pairings into one of your plots. :)
  8. holy shit that's a lot of stories 0_0

    I like it.

    Anyway, that's a good lot of scenarios. I'm very interested in:

    Of bullets and magic

    A separated love

    A deal struck
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  10. New here, but so interested in these snippets you've listed. Maybe it's a cop out, but to me the 'menu' says [patiently waits for lunch] But, as long as you have fun, I'm happy. Most especially-stupdendous Knight Nerdery, Birth of a Star, Running Of The Brides (minotaur), Stolen, and several others. Such intriguing thumb nails you have, said da woof.
  11. I really like Of Bullets and Magic

    Also regarding the pairings n stuff at the end of your post i would really like a Drill Instructor x New Recruit, and Commanding Officer x Heartbroken Soldier

    So maybe you can make a plot for those two i can help you with it if you want.
  12. pokes
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