Seeking evil players for Time Travel/Fantasy RP !

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  1. Hey Everyone!

    I'm looking for a co-GM (& players welcome too!) for V E R T I G O ! It's a Time Travel Fantasy based on timeline switching and searching for artifacts. Like a time-travel adventure! With magical powers!

    Check it out, let me know if you're interested!

    Here's a quick info from the roleplay thread!

    Game Master: Sakura
    Accepting New Characters:Yes! It's a lot to read, but don't be intimidated! Ask any questions! :)
    Posting Expectations: At least once a week, please :) People are more active in summer, yes?
    Rating: PG-13
    Genre: Time Travel / Fantasy/ Action / Intrigue
    Atmosphere/Mood: Adventure / Drama
    Basic Plot: The compass of Aetas is an old artifact that allows humans to travel through time. Today, that compass is scattered into eight different pieces. Each piece must be reunited with it's sister artifact in the past. Time travelers are born for this duty, and to protect the pieces of Aetas from falling into the wrong hands.

    Teehee! I found a co-GM! Overcast! :)

    Now I'm looking for baddies. People to be a part of the Caligenus. If you like being evil, stopping the forces of good, having time travel under your own control and lots of evil powers, please apply! :DD
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  2. I wouldn't mind giving it a try. Unless you found someone else. My character is an evil character. I'm looking for a story to be part of so I can test my rp strengths of an evil character.
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  3. I need a bunch of evil characters! I would love to have you on board! V E R T I G O !
  4. I'd like to to join too as well, as long as you still have room? I've personally never been evil in an RP but I'd love to give it a try :D
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  5. Yes, plenty of room for evil characters! Don't worry if it's the first time, I'll definitely help you out! :)
  6. Alright thanks for being so nice about my inexperience :D Ill try putting up my sheet in an hour or so
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  7. I wouldn't mind joining. Lillith is an evil character. If you still have room that is.
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  8. There's always room! It's an adventure roleplay, so the more players I have, the more fun it will be! I like to balance out the good/evil players, so it will really help if you join!

    Thank you so much <3
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  9. I'd love to do this. If possible I'd like to use both a good and a bad character, to mix things up. The idea itself I really like.
  10. When will you be having this rp exactly? And could you maybe message me the details of the rp?
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  11. Yes, what Ketsueki said.
  12. I got a baddie in mind to play for this. Are you still accepting members?
  13. Villain or antagonist? My villains are awful but my antagonists are pretty good lol. I'd be willing to do the reading necessary to get up to speed with it.

    I'm down to try a villain, but I'm much more comfortable playing as an opponent rather than a straight up bad guy.