GROUP RP PLOTTING Seeking "Dreamers"

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  1. Salutations!
    So, I've been pondering over a concept in my head that I've had for... Quite some time, now. Somewhat driving me insane with the multitude of possible mediums in which I could express this idea through, but then I thought role playing may be the perfect outlet to begin with.
    It started with an odd concept that an old school mate and I had pondered over in the latter years of high school, the old stoner question of "What if we all existed in the mind of one person; if we were but a figment of their imagination, living in a world of their creation?" The question then expanded unto this idea of "What if, as we exist in this person's head, within our own heads there, too, existed a vast universe with living beings, each with their own consciousness?" And, in turn, "What if to each conscious being within ourselves there, too, was yet another universe full of even more conscious beings?" and so on and so forth. Along with other ideas such as "Mind over Matter" and an idea shoved down my throat in Religion class once upon a time revolving around belief being the ultimate truth or something along those lines, this idea of exponentially infinite universes, each distinct from the other, became a driving thought in my mind for the next two years to come until, in recent months, an even greater concept landed upon my lap - Jung's whole idea of the collective unconscious. A connection we all have with each other within our psyches. My mind has been whirling. What if ALL these universes, in their vast infinity, were connected? What if, through our connection, we could potentially access these infinite realms, travel freely through these barriers of "reality"? What would it take? Surely, if EVERYONE could tap into these other realms, chaos would ensue. How is order kept? How do we stay unaware?
    The solution? We can only travel in Dream where our mind, upon waking reality, least accepts the recent events as actuality. Our doings in other worlds do not immediately impact that which we come from - so why would we accept it as real? In Dream, we have the ability to unlock our full potential, even if most of us don't.
    So, what would happen if an individual became aware of the very structure of existance, the actuality of the "dream" and "waking" worlds? What would happen to said individual if, now, they had the power to completely shift existance? How would balance be maintained?
    An idea I've been toying with is "The Dream Walker" - beings who willingly transcend reality barriers, are perfectly aware of this power we all hold, and yet use these powers for the greater good in maintaining the balance of existance. I began to think of where these Dream Walkers congregate in order to even choreograph their moves throughout the infity. Where do they come from? Are they born as these super beings, or are they chosen and taught? Where would they learn if the latter? The only thing I could think of was a space outside the mass of existance, outside of everything, where they could meet and learn and practice their abilities. This place, though seperate from the rest of existance, was also a direct gateway into all of existance. This place became Dream City, its occupants the Dream Walkers, dedicated to maintaining the eternal balance of everything.
    I'm still working out a few kinks with this idea - the social hierarchy of Dream City, if there is one; what else lives in Dream City (i.e. Vaguely Embittered Deities); and other things as such. Still, I thought it wise to post something about this, see if there's anyone interested in further brainstorming this plot concept with me and playing through it for a while.
    Hope to hear back soon.
  2. I'm intrigued. owo I love the idea!
  3. Awesome! I'm still working on a few ideas, but I'll have them sent to you once I have what I have all written out. We can hopefully get this started when more people have expressed interest.
  4. This seems like a fascinating idea.
  5. This has definitely peaked my interest
  6. Definably a lovely idea. It set my own mind whirlingover if any of this was an actual possibility. Colour me pink and call me interested! :)
  7. That's a pretty intriguing idea!
  8. A universe is a large thing, multiple universes even more so. If you have an infinite number of universes than anything that can occur will occur .. everything will have happened. Unless you want to build on something like Noein and have an observer 'choose' a reality by observing it.

    Why would chaos ensue?

    What is this balance of existence? How was it maintained before the dream walkers came? Who would upset the balance?