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  1. I've been doing some research, doing some reading here on the site, and other sites, and I'm convienced that a:) group roleplays are some of the most active, most interesting plays alive. b:) group roleplays suffer from a plague. People commit. They create characters, they invest and help to shape the story, and then they drop.

    Have you noticed this too?

    What I am looking for is a group of people who are interested in roleplaying. Actually interested. NOT a group of people who are going to start something and then drop it because their definition of dedication only encompasses a twenty minute window before they move on to something else.

    What's the story going to be? Who knows? Lets discuss it. Rules? Lets discuss them. I want a group of people who are going to come together to HELP me build a roleplay. That's what I'm asking for.

    Message below if you're interested. The only request I'm making at this time is you are capable of writing at the ADEPT level or above. My intention is to gather willing, active, dedicated players who are interested in creating a roleplay that's entertaining, fulfilling, and long lasting. Once those players have been identified, together we will brain storm an idea, create characters, define rules, and play.

    Please respond below if you are interested with a little introduction to who you are, what level you like to roleplay at, and what genre's you like to play. Please do not simply put see my resume so that others who respond don't have to click through a number of them. It's easier if all the information is gathered together.

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  2. Hi, I'm Zella!~

    I've been role-playing on and off for probably around five years or so (not collectively)

    I'm very into fantasy based stuff, dungeons and dragons being one of my biggest experiences in role-playing. Big things for me in this genre are multiple playable races with different abilities/weaknesses, quests, goals, things of the like. I'm fine with all levels, from very little, to Tolkien.

    I also like some romance involved, but it's not required for me to have fun, I just think it adds something interesting provided it's not solely based.

    I'm not a big fan of strict sci-fi, but do like some small, subtle hints, the same with horror.

    I'm also alright with modern and slice of life. Although with these, I still like the occasional plot twist here and there.

    I'm not a big fan of full on furry stuff, or playing strictly animals rather than a druid who can just become one. Nekos and halfies are fine, though. ^^

    I can post between two and six paragraphs, depending on a few things..
    ° My interest in the rp: The more interested, the more you'll get from me.
    ° The scenario: A lot of times when it's something like strictly a dialogue scene, it can be more difficult to make longer posts, whereas something like an introduction post or combat scene can be twice the length, or more.
    ° What I have to work with: If my partner(s) only give me a short paragraph that is hardly detailed, or seventeen paragraphs that are redundant and vague, it's more difficult to reply.
    ° My mood according to other players actions: I have a tendency to get annoyed and possibly even drop out if (and this has happened a lot, at least to me.) Roleplay is going great. Cool characters, cool plot, good progression, then all of a sudden, while everyone's asleep, those two people who aren't, their characters find interest in each other or decide to go on a separate two man mission, and everyone comes back feeling left out, or annoyed, or whatever. To two whole pages they have to read. Some people can't post a few times a day, nevermind even get on everyday. Players should always keep that in mind, and have the courtesy to not post too much so no one gets or feels left out.
    ° Characters: If I'm role-playing a combat scene with a five year old God that laughs at me when I crush his head with a great hammer, then flicks me to death, my posts will likely get shorter with my level of irritation if I don't just drop out.

    I can usually post at least a few good times each day, weekends generally being more iffy.

    Well, that's a little bit about Zella! Anyone is welcome to ask any questions they may have, and I hope at least a small group of players get interested in this and all goes well!~
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  3. There has only been a single case where I had to drop out and that was when I GMed it. Apologized to each one and explained the reasons. Simply got too busy, too upset with circumstances(and people started to disappear).

    Otherwise, three died because the GM's either had drama to deal with or because they didnt enjoy GMing.
    I like to keep a lot of communication up with the GM, but I will just as drastically go ahead with the idea/concept if the GM does not reply at all and three days passed (and of course if activity had happened, if it is hidden and no postings/activity happened, I wait 7 days). I like to create character that are fairly strong, but have fundamental weaknesses, those character may also bring something completly new to the roleplay.

    I am interested in Fantasy Roleplays, but am extremely picky about story, writing, understandability and ammount of text, if you cant draw me in within the first ten minutes or greet me this sized font(or smaller), I am going to move on. I love to draw ideas and inspiration from other people.

    English is not my native language, so in some cases I need to look up theosaurus for synonyms or simply look up a dictionairy.

    I do not like clunkered up text

    I am an absolute sucker for a bit of romance, realistic ones.

    So far I have only been playing female character and will continue to do so as I am unable to understand the fundament of masculinity and attempts to play male character usually turned out to be rather... incomplete and irrational ones.

    I do not like very poor writing, I can accept it if the GM permits it and deals with it, but i will not memorize more than necessary from poorly written posts.

    My writing goes from between so-so to great. It depends on my mental state and how much effort the post demands, of course if I enjoy it deeply I will put a lot more effort into them.

    I am, what I call a "spoiler crab", I don't like to give away too much about my characters, their backgrounds and their goals.

    All character usually identify with an aspect of my personality, usually based around a very strong emotion or concept. The character concepts I already made use of are: "Emotionally Split between hate and what is right"-type, the quiet mistress-, the Lady, the schemer-, the clumsy magicia-, fated to die-, amnesia-, the smart leader-, blind duty-type.
    I probably missed a few, but that would mean they arent worth of note.

    My posting speed is currently set to a few posts per week, but I will post more if quality does not need to be good and the posts do not demand to be too long*. (*Thinking of illium's length here)

    I do am avaiable on skype and will usually respond if I am online, me being online on there equals me being on the pc. I should be offline when I am out

    Just look at my resume/recent postings to get an idea of how I write.
    It is influenced by my mental and emotional state, it always is and sometimes it wont do, even if I do a lot of sports ^^ but I usually will notify this to the GM/s

    I actually find that hilarious reading it, would probably not be if it happened to me, then again I think I would probably attempt to move everything up without them though.
  4. @Desire, what is your first language?

    And it is funny until it happens to you. I usually try to keep going, but if they keep doing it and the GM seems to have died or didn't care, I usually just take my character out.
  5. sounds like a smart thing to do
    I hijacked a roleplay once because the Gm disappeared, 30 days of absence and no reply to the others. Just left a message on his profile and took it over, it is the one I mentioned dropping. Thirty people but they all just disappeared :D
    Since then I like to keep to a smaller group.

    My first language is german. I hate the accent but gave up on it, it should come around eventually, just need to keep speaking english vocaly :o
  6. I haven't heard very many female German accents~

    Do you only know the two languages?
  7. No, french just wouldnt get into my brain and I had to drop school due to my mental health and the added stress being too much. Therapist was useless and didnt take my request to excempt me from sports seriously, so I just couldnt go and stopped going. T'was too much for me

    My voice is androgyn, its why my accent sounds terrible. Meeting a speech therapist at the moment that is helping me to fix that. Gonna help a lot because I sometimes just dont want to say a word due to it.

    The regular female german accent is a bit dry, but not too noticable. A bit of practice and it should not be a big deal.
  8. I want to learn French..
    Hearing all that just makes me want to hear you talk.
    I'm intrigued by strange things like that~

    I do wish you luck though!
    I don't generally enjoy hearing myself talk, especially when I try at other languages, but I can't clearly imagine what your situation is.

    Hope everything gets resolved for you~
  9. Nobody likes his or her own voice.
    As far as my memories goes it is because there isa different tone from within us, so when we hear our voice when it is recorded we dont like it.

    I am about to do some of the voice exercises, its quite embarassing, especially for me. Always been quiet and never wanted to make much noise, now I need to.
  10. Understandable~
    Well, it was nice talking to you, feel free to message me any time, hopefully something comes of this thread~^^
  11. Just let me know if you find something of interest. Allways looking for a roleplay that might be something for me.
  12. [​IMG]
    Hey! My name's Angel and I can totally relate to everyone here. I'm one of those people who has a really roller-coaster style attention span but recently I've needed something to fill my time and become an official hobby.

    My favourite kind of RPs are the fantasy ones. Anything with an extra dash of something that we don't experience in the real world. Of course, too much of anything can never be good and it's the same with fantasy. I prefer real life scenarios with supernatural characters. Horror is also a favourite of mine because it's such a broad genre that can involved almost anything.

    As for my length of post, like Zella, it highly depends on the people I'm working with; whether I'm in the mood; if I'm rushed. There are so many factors that can contribute to my work ethic. However I know that once I'm settled into an RP with good characters and writers, I'll stay dedicated and also quite hard working towards the end goal.

    I love writing and have missed it since I was last on the Iwaku Forums.
  13. Hello you two!

    I must apologize, I'm on a phone right now, so my formal introduction will be along later, but I wanted to post and say hello.

    I figured we'd give it till Monday to give others time and then we will start talks about the play. From what I read, fantasy seems a common thread.

    Just briefly, I started role playing in '99 on a site called WBS. I've played most genres over the years. I've GMed a few games as well.

    My time online is usually 7 am to 6 pm M-F east coast USA. Forgive, I don't remember the GMT modifier.

    I'm excited to meet both of you and look forward to working with you guys on this.
  14. I imagine any introduction of me is never complete without some sort of song. Something that would say something about me or my mood. Something like this!

    My name Is Honorific.~ I have gone by a lot of names and I have been roleplaying for 3 years. I have to say, when I saw this read I got quite excited. The last few months I have been in this slump of finding a good rp to stick with. Every time I find a great concept for a story it is ruined by people dropping out, not enough interest or as someone above me said, a 5 year old playing god.

    That being said I love roleplaying, I love stories and worlds that are immersive and original. My favorite genres are Fantasy based Low or Grim Fantasy being my favorite. Interesting enough however I have been craving an rp that mixes Fantasy with Sifi like a table top rp known as ShadowRun does quite well.

    Like most of the people here already, I am also a sucker for romance. I don't want it to be the main focus of an rp but it never hurts to have it spice things up a little.

    I do not poor things! Poor Writing, Poor Attitude, Poor common Sense, all these thing will drive me away from an rp.

    My writing will either be great or so-so depending on understandable circumstances.

    Now I can't always get on the site every day. I work a full time job so afternoons I am usually never home. That being said, I can usually put out 4-5 paragraphs a day in the morning or after midnight when i get home. So as long as the rp isn't going to fast I am willing to commit my time to the idea we all can come up with!

    With all that said I look forward to writing with all of you.

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  15. Howdy howdy, people!

    I've been roleplaying a solid five years, though there have been times in there when none of my RPs have really been moving. I'm one of those opinionated, heavily-invested RPers who will bother people to continue posting for months after the whole thing falls apart at the seams for no real reason. I end up as co-GM on pretty much every RP, though I dislike being the only GM, as I have a hard time getting my point across without a conversation.

    I enjoy genres of all sorts, as long as I can find a fantasy that I want to play. It takes me a long time to make characters, and I will ask all sorts of questions about the world to find it, but once I have it, I'm loath to give it up. I'm not a fan of romance for the sake of romance, though emergent romance lends reality to an RP.

    My pet peeves are grammar (especially spacing and sentence flow) and imbalanced characters and systems. I've written ridiculously-long responses to people's CSes explaining balance, so if anyone needs one, just give me a ring; I can probably find something lying around.

    I can post a couple times a day, generally early in the morning, East Coast time. But because I can, does not mean that I will. Like everyone else, and possibly more than others, I need momentum in order to keep going. RPing is a jam session, and I'm absolutely awful at writing all by myself. My post length varies more on what other people give me with which to work, than anything else.

    Recently I've wanted to explore the ideas of species-ism, racism, and what defines humanity, in RP form. Just as a heads up :P
  16. I must say, when I stumbled upon this thread I almost pissed myself. I have joined about three roleplaying sites as of the past month and I have yet to find an active, intriguing community full of committed writers. I have been roleplaying for a little under five years but I've always loved to write. You can call me Yandere-Chan or any other nickname you find suitable.

    Like most of you have mentioned, my partners' posts have a heavy affect on the way I post. I will try to adjust the length of my posts to my partner's but the depth of my posts depends on my interest in the roleplay. I can't create something beautiful with you if you give me nothing to work with. And I will not stick around for you to get over your writer's block. You either give me your effort or I leave. Simple.

    Group chats are REALLY important to me. I want to create friendships with you all, in fact I believe this is an important factor of being in a roleplay together. I curse fairly often so if you feel uncomfortable about this, message me and I'll tone it down. My timezone is UTC -7:00 and I check Iwaku several times a day. Whenever I'm available, I'll post and considering me classes are over I'll have quite a bit of extra freetime. Also, I ship. I ship hard. Even if romance isn't apart of the roleplay, I will openly let you know when I find the perfect ship.

    As for genre, I consider myself a jack-of-all trades. I absolutely love horror and mystery and find it really entertaining when mixed with realistic situations. I also am a big fanatic on fantasy, I believe it adds a sort of spice to the roleplay. I don't do furries, I just can't get into the story when my character's an animal. Romance, slice-of-life, angst, and crime are also some of my favorites.

    And this is where my introduction ends. If you have any questions for me, just ask and I'll do my best to answer. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you and creating a story with you guys!
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  17. Hello, I'm interested in this! I'm known as Vales Velvet. I've been roleplaying for some time, since the days of AOL chatrooms, usually something anime-related. But I made a few friends and we played out a number of plots together. Then most of my roleplaying happened on a tiny proboards forum where I was part of an extensive Kingdom Hearts AU. Most recently, I've been RPing on World of Warcraft, but now my schedule is weird so I'm rarely online when most people are, so I came here to get my fix, hehe.

    I prefer a variety of flavors of fantasy and modern roleplays, but I'm interested in expanding my writing. I'm down for all sorts of vampires, demons, superhumans, adventuring heroes, slice of life, high fantasy, etc... As well as lgbt and mature versions of all of the above. I play both(/many) genders (and sexualities).

    It's been a long time since I did any forum-based (read: large paragraph) RP. On WoW I expressed myself largely through dialogue and ingame mechanics. But I'm excited to get back into it!

    I'd say I can write 3+ paragraphs on most roleplays, though I find that sometimes less is more. I'm not a one-liner sort of person though, unless the line is like, really really good.

    Right now I can dedicate myself to posting as often as once or twice a day most days. I could possibly do more if the group called for it, but I rewrite and edit my posts a lot before I actually post them so it takes some time.

    Other than roleplaying, I like to read, write poetry, crochet, and play some casual video games like Pokemon, The Sims, Animal Crossing, and LittleBigPlanet.

    Well I look forward to seeing what becomes of this!

    Edit: I scared it.
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  18. Hey *Waves to everyone* I'm OwlOne, but you can call me Owl. I thought I would just add two cents in because as a GM and creator of great Rps (as people say), I've gone through everything that everyone has posted on this thread. I finally found writers who share my irritation. The thing that hurts is the fact that people say I write great Rps, but turn around and want to create drama and stuff on the Rp causing it to close or effect others ability to write. I had one Rp just recently, had a wonderful group.We understood each other's activity and posted accordingly. It was great, but then people became inactive because others were becoming inactive.

    It seems like a recurring cycle. I'm not saying that I'm the best Rper/Gm out there, but I do like to see great group Rps flourish with great writers. I would love to be apart of this, but the fear is too deep. I currently have an interest check out right now and I hope it goes well. So with you all knowing my struggle it looks like I finally may be able to Rp like wanted too since I've started Rping. Especially if my interest check goes well and I'm able to be a part of this experience, I feel like I could enjoy it. Well that's my two cents lol I hope this gets off its feet, I feel like this could go far. Keep me updated!

    P.S. Its comforting see you guys here @Honorific @Zella Celeste
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  19. [​IMG]
    Welcome, Owl!

    I totally agree with you. Everyone here seems to be the right kind of mindset to make a wonderful group of RPers. I really hope that we can get something started at some point and have a really good experience. Unfortunately I'm going to summer camp on Monday but I'll hopefully be available during the evenings GMT time. So chances are RPs won't be affected. I can't wait to see where this goes.
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