Seeking Companion for this twisted tale.

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  1. Hello, i am seeking to do one of three tales.
    seeking a partner to play a female, or shemale partner for one these tales.

    A : Digital disaster, a world of sin to be cleansed.
    A digimon tale, where the digidestined were slain by myotismon. the old legendary warriors are revived in a world ruled by the darkness, as they would need to adventure forth and grow stronger. being reborn in human form ( example agunimon.) no stronger then a rookie at first. the world is now twisted, and full of sinful powers. lust, and pride are soon to be awakened, as the demon seals mostly been discovered and absorbed by myotismon who is stronger then ever, but still unable to evolve for some reason beyond his knowledge.

    ( no human characters till later, as it will be all digimon early on. )

    B: The new world, a young human's horror.
    The idea behind this one, a human no younger then 18, older then 35 is sucked into a game world. the world is a survival horror game, but do to the hacks he/she was using. the game was turned into a porn game, as he/she some how found a way into the new custom world. starting at level one. would need to allure, the monsters, and people of the world into helping him/her through the world. will have to fight, and can die, but will have a few lifes. once the lifes runs out, will fall into a cyber hell, and have to fight back to the world of the game, perhaps crawl into an older game world, and have to survive that one as well. the over all goal is to discover what has caused this to happen, and return to the human world, or perhaps find a happy medium in one of the worlds of a game. this could have a horrid ending so to speak depending on how the tale goes.

    C: The Taboo, a mother/ Aunt's secret.
    this one is simple, mother or aunt is taken by her son / nephew, who is cursed now. (hex, werewolf, vamp etc. ) discovering this, it will be a struggle to protect the cursed, loved one, as she could be pulled into his dark world now. having returned to this woman who had supported him, and raised him, mistakenly falling into an animal lust and taking the mature maiden at first.
  2. (--Bump-- 0-0--)

    still hunting for a digimon / pokemon partner, as well
    as a mother, x son partner.

    been in the mood for a predator, x prey as well, be it mutant, experiment, or demon hunting a poor girl who had been chosen for it's next victim. (r.o.r. RP )
  3. On The Hunt For An Adult take on Power Rangers,

    a Monster / beast x woman / girl

    Incest tail, or furry tail.

    any of the above, kind of rps, if your interested please message me.
  4. Predator x prey rp ^^ I'll do that with you.
  5. I am interested in predatorXprey and the video game one, if you are still looking. ^^'
  6. looking for mother x son / aunt x nephew still

    furry tail, ( incest, or alien war. )

    if interest please send me a pm.
  7. I like the horror idea.
  8. Bump. . .

    Looking for some new victims to rp with.
    looking for some smut based horror / sci fi tales. if interest please send me a message.

    thank you.
  9. looking for a mature pokemon rp if any one interested

    can be pokemon x pokemon, pokemon x trainer, or oc x oc, b pre existing char x pre existing char, or mix, and match.

    send me a message if you interested.
  10. still on the hunt for a good mother x son.

    if interested in one of the other ideas please send me a message.
  11. still hunting for an incest, or furry partner for one of the above tales if interested please message me nyaa.
  12. In search of a incest, furry, or beast x victim rp, smut based, if interested please pm me. thank you.
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