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  1. I'll be finishing up my semester and a huge time will be freed up for who else but the good denizens of Iwaku. I'm in an open mood and willing to rp anything. Usually I would do fantasy, but whatever works. I usually play male characters, but I will try for female if you like. I mostly want to try something new. So if you can suggest something interesting I'll jump right aboard.

    Here are a few of my own random ideas.

    • In a land where blood is spilled daily, martial skills are sought after. Fighters train and hone their individual arts to someday become the strongest. One in particular stands out. He appeared from nowhere and dominated the fields of battle. Known to be the best swordsman ever seen, he killed until no one could refute his place. But after reaching that lofty peak, he disappears. No one ever heard or seen his swordsmanship since. Now 20 years has passed. Men and women from all over strives to become the best. But you, a budding swordsman of your own, wishes to seek this strange master. Hearing rumours and finding breadcrumbs, you have found him in a faraway land, but it is not as you expect. A young man appears before you. Not the old master swordsman you've hoped for, but he certainly is a master of something.
    • Two empires existed. One Human and the Other Elven. But only one can survive. The humans dominated the superior elves by their sheer numbers and adaptive minds. The elves whose long lives allowed them perfection in all things were defeated by human tenacity and chaotic fervor. The human empire had now won and ruled over all the land. Their first decree the extermination of all elves. Soldiers rushed to the masses and slayed without mercy any who had elven blood. Pointed ears, thin frames, and delicate features were markers for death. As time progressed the elves hid and was not easily found. But the humans had specialized men to root them out. They were the Darkbloods, known for their blood stained tunics and armor. They hunted them nearly to extinction. One of them however was particularly skilled. Killed more elves than any other. Until he found something unnatural. A person that looked almost entirely human, but her features screamed elf. She was utterly beautiful and he could not dare put a blade to her. His fellow darkbloods tried to kill her, but he slew them without thought. He had betrayed his Order. She however could not care. She was in shock. Unable to feel anything. Unable to care for anything. Her family was slain by none other than the man who saved her. She could not know. She was trapped within her own mind. He decided to take care of her until she was better. After that who knows. He didn't even understand his own reasons for his actions. But his days of running were about to begin.
    • Magic is technology not understood. That is truly how the world has progressed. People hurling fireballs and summoning familiars. So far had our growth in technology reached that it was indistinguishable from magic. Swords enchanted to cut with fire, ice, and lightning. Boots that allow a man to fly higher than any other. Glasses that would tell a man anything he wishes to know. Entire schools were created devoted to this "art" called magic. However things changed when a student of one of these prestigious universities met a man who was capable of something unimaginable. He wielded real magic. Not those infused with nanobots, controlled by fields, or even synthesized by light. The magic he wielded had no physical principles. It followed no systems, laws, or order. It was chaos brought into the world. Will made into reality. He was a true magician, a wizard of the lost arts. And he was a murderer...
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  2. I may be up for the second idea if you're still looking for someone to roleplay. And I like the thrid one a lot too
  3. I really, really, really like the third idea if you're still interested.