Seeking Co-GM for <Numbered Days> (Working Title)

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Are you interested enough in this to want to participate?

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  1. Yep! I will participate when it's ready!

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  2. Nope. Nope, nope, nopity nope.

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  1. Okay. Thank you for your interest... >.> Oh, I don't have it yet?


    It's a long read, so... Good luck.

    Anyway. This is an idea I randomly had. Let me start by introducing the general concept.

    "Your days are numbered. How will you spend what little time you have? Will you wallow in shame and regret or will you struggle against your fate? I can't wait to see what you will do!"

    10 random people from all walks of life has been kidnapped and placed in an unknown location. On their wrists, is a watch with a timer on it, ticking down from 100 minutes. At the end of 100 minutes, they are told the wristwatch will inject a deadly poison that kills them almost instantaneously, but not without excruciating pain. To prove the reality of the situation, a 'past participant' is brought out and killed in this manner.

    Now convinced of the reality of their plight, these people must find a way to extend their lives for as long as possible until they are the last survivor...

    That is the basic premise. Now as role-players participating as one of the 10 participants, you have a limited number of posts.

    Your character has 100 minutes to live. And each post is considered 10 minutes. So, plan each post wisely, and reasonably conduct activities within the span of 10 minutes. I don't expect to see people performing tasks at lightning speed. Naturally, such infractions will be penalised in some way or another.

    There are ways to extend your life. These can be done by performing specific tasks during the RP. Tasks which are assigned by the GMs who will be playing the NPCs in the RP. You will be competing against others to complete this task first. Now, in the interest of being orderly, there will be a posting order that players follow, completely randomised. So in some ways, whether you get to start on the task first or later than orders will depend on some amount of strategical thought, planning and luck.

    Speaking of luck, I notice dice rolls available. That is an element that I am planning to make use of as well. Luck in this context refers to several things depending on the context. IE. You could perhaps be searching for something to help with the task. Suppose your dice rolls is a good number, indicating good luck, then a stroke of fortune will occur in your next post. Suppose it indicates bad luck, then you will be penalised in some way or another. There will be neutral numbers of course, which just means nothing unusual happens.

    Also, with post orders, there will be cases where people slow down the entire RP simply because they take too long to respond. I am hoping for the speed of posting to be at least 1 post every 3 days. Basically, go MIA for anything beyond 3 days without notice, your character will be incapacitated in some way or another. The post order will resume until you return. If you return before your character's lifespan is over, you may continue. If not, your character is dead.

    Now, sabotage. Competing with others in such a situation, some characters may want to slow others who are well ahead down somehow. That is possible. After all, it is your time spent. You may do so, and the other character must react to this sabotage, unless your dice roll interferes. Note that only negative dice rolls will interfere (meaning your sabotage fails). Positive dice rolls will not improve your sabotage.

    Of course. Do note all these are subject to change.

    This is, after all, just an Interest Check. I am still open to thoughts and opinions. Regardless, I hope this has gotten your interest! I just want to have at least 2 other Co-GM to help set this up with before I actually start it (assuming I have at least 10 "Yes" votes in here as well).

    Which speaking of which, might be quite the stretch, perhaps! This is a lot of work, inevitably, so I want to ensure there would be at least that amount of interest before moving ahead. This poll will last 10 days.


    There you go. If you played 9 Hours 9 Persons 9 Rooms, you would have the inspiration behind this. It sounded like fun to have in a RP setting, so I thought to give it a try. It will be a lot of work, that is why I need Co-GM(s) to help me run this.

    Basically as Co-GM(s), you will:

    • Share the responsibility of running this RP
    • Be committed to running this RP for what might likely be a few months
    • Help brainstorm for ideas for use in this RP
    • Unfortunately, be unable to participate in this RP as anything more than random NPCs

    But wait! I have some pre-requisites for the Co-GMs too:

    • Good grasp of English (grammar, spelling, punctuation)
    • Be able and willing to take on the responsibilities stated above
    There, simple, ain't it. The main thing is the grasp of English which I will probably check by looking at past posts and all that. Because as GMs, we won't actually be participating, a literate level of writing is not even necessary (not that it will be for the RP-ers either), but I ask for at least coherent writing.

    Of course, the task of being GM for something like this will be even worse to deal with than petty linguistic issues :P Which is why I hope as GMs, you will not suddenly up and vanish. Even if you have to, please have the decency to inform me or whoever else is in it with us. Personally, I have very little faith in the completion of any RP, but hey, if we do make it to the point where we start this RP... Don't let the RP die because of our inactivity!


    >.> Just kidding. I think 2 other Co-GMs would be great to have. Any more would be too much, I personally feel but again, I am open to thoughts and opinions.
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