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  1. Okay everyone, first I'd like to say hello and introduce myself as this is my first RP on this site :)
    I'm Soulserenity20, or Soul, and I'm a fantasy lover :) I'm still getting used to the way things work around here, so bear with me. Also, the text coding on this site is different from what I'm used to, so... I'll get used to that eventually. :)

    I am looking for a Co-GM on this, so if you feel you can connect with what I have planned and are willing to take the responsibilities of assisting me with character management and plot progression I'd love to hear from you.

    Alight, I'll give you a basic run down and If it's something you think you could run with, let me know and I'll reveal the all the details I've developed :)

    [Note, this as the prewrite up I had for a different site so if some things seem odd it's probably because this info was written up from the first time I tried to run it.]

    Rundown (open)

    So, this is clearly a fantasy RP, and it's about druids to be blunt. And I understand there are hundereds of different depictions of druids throughout various lores but the druids we will use in this RP will be defined as such:
    Druid (droo-id) An elf who has dedicated their life to the ways of The Earth Mother. Druids are more deeply connected with the earth and the creatures living on it than any other beings on the world. They have the ability to manipulate nature and morph into animals.

    The druids in this RP will be placed in ranks. You will all start out as Novices but will quickly be given the opportunity to advance to Intermediate. However, advancing to Apprentice will be a fair bit harder, and to Master will be very difficult. What will determine when you advance in skill level? Well. Me. And my co-GM. And I'm not hard to please really, your character just has to prove to me that he/she understands the druidic ways and the abilities and morphs of the next rank well enough. There will be a fair bit of narration coming from me, so don't expect me to do major descpriptive views from my player every time :) It can get hectic lol
    (For those of you who've played DnD think of me as a DM of sorts :P makes everything easier to tie in)

    The higher the Rank, the more power an animal the druid is able to take the form of. The same goes for what types of manipulating can be done (ex. low level druids can't move trees. They can however accelerate plantlife growth or twist tree branches and vines etc.)
    For the sake of simplicity in what may be a VERY vast pool of options I will provide a list of animal groups to choose from for each level of druidic ability. I will also provide a list of general "spells" or nature manipulation abilities to be used. You can create your own and get creative, but use the list as a strong guideline for capabilities for each Rank.

    Keep in mind that this RP is meant to be a long, intricate, problem solving adventure RP so don't expect to gain ranks and learn new abilites in the first day. This is NOT a fighting based RP, the point of your abilities is to use them to solve problems and face adversaries. Druids are not aggressive by nature and would rather resolve a problem than escalate it.

    In order to gain a rank I will place certain "Events" Into the storyline. These events will allow you to either strengthen your bond with nature and become closer to the earth and the animals hence allowing you to grow in power, or fail to bond with nature. If you fail don't worry... there's always more opportunities :)

    The same process goes for acquiring new abilities. You do not magically understand how to do new spells simply because you have acheived a rank, your character has to learn the spell, understand the magic behind it. These spells can only be taught by one of the two Master druids to ensure the magic is properly explained and passed on.

    Note about the plot; it will be written as if Tatianna, the character played by me, has a sister. This would be the Co-Gm. Of course, if you'd like to play a male character you'd be her brother :)

    Plot (open)

    The Priests at the Temple of the Earth Mother had recieved signs... The Soul Tree's leaves had begun to change color, from deep emerald green to poisonous blues and purple; the image of change.

    It was no secret the lands were changing, dark magics were settling into the soils once again. After a millenia of peace the dark energies of the world were finally building up again... pooling in the depths of the earth like toxic underground rivers; polluting the Great Forest.

    The head Priestess was the only one in the temple who had been there the last time the sacred tree's leave changed this toxic purple. She knew in her ancient bones what it meant, and knew her duties, yet it saddened her to know that everything would soon change again. She had grown fond of the Great Oak who's roots twisted up above the ground to form the walls of this temple. She had learned the song of each bird lvining in the surrounding woods. This had been home for thousands of years... but the toxicity of the world was becoming too much. They needed to move the Soul Tree from this place, lest it perish from the poisonous dark energies that pooled deep beneath the Temple.

    Despite all her attachments to this place the Head Priestess would not shirk her duties to the Earth Mother. The signs were clear and her duties known. So she called to her dearest friend the Crimson BlueJay and asked him to summon the Daughters of Drauntia, it was their time to fulfill their duties in the Circle Of Seasons.
    The High Priestess placed a great duty upon the daughters of the druidic queen. They had spent more than a thousand years in training in the ways of the druids. The ways of the Earth Mother had become ancient and near forgotten,in fact their teacher would have been the last Master Druid in the lands apart from their mother, Queen Drauntia, had the girls not followed their set destinies. And now the time had come when the negative actions of the world's people had grown too great and the Ancient Forest could no longer filter the dark energy. It was time for the Forest to purge itself of its massive dark energy stores and 'reset its natural filter' in order to continue on absorbing the negativity of the world.

    But this purge was no simple matter and should the Soul Tree remain in the temple, at the epicenter of the dark energy pool it would surely perish, and with it, the Great Forest. The Soul Tree was the reason the lands were able to flourish over the past 5 million years. It worked as a sponge, absorbing the dark energies in the world and pulling them beneath the forest for the roots of the great trees to purify and send back out as light energy. But because it was the the focal point of the underground dark energy pool, when the purge happens it was at a major risk. So, every million years or so it needed to be moved far away to the other side of the forest. Though the task may seem simple enough... the Great Blackwood Forest was as old as the land itself and there were magics within that would land even the most skilled traveller lost in a matter of hours.
    No, the ancient forest was not made for any mere elf or man, but for druids alone. It is said that deep within the old trees was where the first druid learned the ways of the wild, from the spirit of the woods themselves. A druid's ability to converse with nature, to manipulate nature, to be one with nature was all the difference.

    The matter was further complicated by the fact that the daughters of Drauntia were the only druids, and although they were Master in the ways of the wild, this was no small duty.. and with the darkness of the days becoming greater with each passing decade, the High Priestess felt it was indeed time to Restore the Circle Of Seasons.
    There was much at stake.

    Yes, thought the High Priestess This journey will be one of many a cause. The Soul Tree must be transferred to safety and the Circl Of Seasons must be restored. It is up to the Princesses to handpick a group of novices and take them on this journey. They must teach them the ancient druidic ways, raising them to masters like themselves and then swear them into the Cirle as gaurdians of these lands...this will indeed be an adventure to be told in tales for millenia to come. The Circle Of Seasons shall again rise!


    Tatianna wasn't surprised when the Crimson bird appeared at her window with a message from the Great High Priestess. History was repeating itself and she knew from her vast studies that the great purge was nearing. It was only a matter of time before the Soul Tree would have to be relocated to safety.. and that would mean transporting it's cuttings and seeds through the Great Forest... and THAT would mean druids would be needed.

    Any fool could put an acorn and an oak together... She and her sister were being summoned to duty as the only master druids and members of the ancient Circle Of Seasons. She was, however, surprised to see that they were also being asked to recruit and train a group of new druids to one day join the Circle of Seasons and rebirth the order to its full, former glory.

    Going into the Blackwood Forest with a bunch of green druids while carrying out the single most important quest in the land? This should be interesting...

    And so she went to inform her sister of their duty; they had druids to select.

    I have a fair few of the details worked out but there are certainly things that need to be fine tuned.

    I really think this has potential to the right crowd and if it's run properly.

    Things I'm looking for in a co-gm:
    -comfort in coding (since it's going to take me a bit to get used to this site)
    -dedication (I put ALOT of work into my RP's and there's nothing more devastating than having them crash and burn because of a lack of dedication from the GM's or players)
    -patience (I'm a fairly active player and I would expect the same from my co-gm, not like a guaranteed daily log on, but at least a few times a week)
    -Passion for the details (I love details, I love developing lore, I love creating a whole world of amazingness for the players to enjoy)
    -Problem CREATING abilities :P (I'm going to need help thinking of challenges for the druids)

    I hope this is the right amount/type of info to post in this kind of a situation, please PM me if you're interested :)

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