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  1. Hi there. I'm looking for a person or two (1x1 or 1x1x1) to help me develop and write a story idea I've been sitting on for some time. If, after you've read this post, please don't hesitate to send a message my way so we can work things out.

    <b>The Premise</b>

    The story follows five Japanese youths living in Tokyo, and their eventual meeting. It chronicles their struggles during their efforts to achieve their dreams of becoming a famous band, signed to a major record label, as well as detailing their intrapersonal relationships with one another and others. It features themes of cross dressing, gender bending, slice of life, comedy, drama, romance and character development.

    <b>The Characters: A Brief Introduction</b>

    The characters listed here are available for play. If you're interested in playing one or more of them, simply let me know.

    <b>Sawamitsu, Reyoko</b>

    A Japanese girl, born and raised in Sapporo, Hokkaido, now living in Tokyo and attending her last year of high school in the most prestigious academy in the prefecture. She comes from a low income family, but loved music and singing so much as a child that her parents stretched their budget to allow her to take vocal and piano lessons. She lost her parents in a car accident on the way to one of her music classes, and thinking that their deaths were her fault, she has since given up on music. After the funeral, she was shuffled from relative to relative, eventually ending up in the home of her great aunt in Tokyo. She is a bright student, but she rarely speaks to anyone, and spends the majority of her time studying; her grades allowed her to enter Meiyou Academy, a school almost exclusively for the children of supremely wealthy families, on a full scholarship. When our story opens, her great aunt is dead (passed during Rey's sophomore year), and Rey lives on her own, supporting herself with a part-time job in a run-down noodle shop.

    <b>Nishikawa, Takumi</b>

    He is the second child of a second son in the prestigious Nishikawa clan. This family is big in Japan, and they have business dealings in foreign and domestic investment banking. Takumi technically lives on the Nishikawa estates (along with the rest of his family, close and extended), but he spends most of his time crashing at the apartment of his friend Aoi, claiming that he enjoys the peace and quiet. He has an excellent relationship with his parents and siblings, and is generally a very happy-go-lucky person who tries to get along with everyone. He's well-liked, but his accommodating, friendly nature often leads him to be taken advantage of, and he shies away from true conflict. He tends to be self-sacrificing to a fault, and his inability to allow himself to believe the worst of people sometimes leads him into trouble. Takumi is the drummer and band leader, as he is the one who has collected all the members together thus far. He finds himself in the role of mediator quite often.

    When the story opens, he has just discovered Rey singing to herself in the empty kitchen of the noodle shop, and he has made it his goal to convince this girl to join his band as vocalist.

    (Note: originally, Takumi's band was called "Ciel," and included his childhood friends. Three of the members quit, taking both the name and the original songs they had all written together, and Takumi had to scramble to start piecing his dream back together. While he isn't happy about what happened, he tried not to bear any ill will towards the ex-members.)

    <b>Sato, Aoi</b>

    The third son of the political powerhouse Sato family of Tokyo. Apart from several of the members holding many of the high offices in the Japanese government, they are also real estate moguls with numerous properties around the world. Aoi is typically standoffish, preferring to keep his own council and simply observe the situation. While his relationship with his family is on good terms, his mother worries about his lack of showing emotion or expression, and constantly bombards him with emails and texts in an effort to get her youngest child to open up. Aoi is whip smart and always places first in his exams. He attends university for a degree in business psychology.

    He is a childhood friend of Takumi and Yuya, as well as the three original members of Ciel, before it was disbanded and Takumi renamed them "Dysphoria." Initially, he was only a support guitarist, standing in for Jun when he couldn't make it to practices, but after the separation of ways, Takumi convinced him to become a full-time guitarist for Dysphoria.

    <b>Matsuyama, Yuzuru</b>

    The eldest son of the Matsuyama clan, he was disowned by his father for his refusal to attend university and take over the family business. While his relationship with his father is severely strained, his mother and siblings still visit him on occasion, and his mother sends him a monthly allowance from her own funds. Yuya is straightforward, honest to a fault, and generally considered somewhat rude for his blunt way of speaking. He is, however, truly passionate about music, and tends to get tunnel vision when it comes to his degree of focus on subjects that interest him. He is generally kind, though very demanding when it comes to putting effort into things; he expects 110% from himself and those around him. He does not forgive easily, and has no problem holding grudges.

    Originally, he was the lead guitarist of Ciel. Once they disbanded, however, he took on the position of rhythm guitarist in Dysphoria, allowing Aoi to play the lead. He has yet to forgive the three ex-members for their desertion, and most of the time, he will refuse to acknowledge that they even exist.

    <b>Characters Unavailable for Play</b>

    For this, I have chosen to write the part of the eventual bassist for Dysphoria.

    <b>Kanda, Naoki</b>

    She is the youngest child and only daughter of the Kanda family. Originally born in Osaka, her family recently moved to Tokyo with the recent election of her business savvy father into the Diet Building. Her family is famous for training Noh and Kabuki actors, as well as traditional flower arrangement (ikibana). As a child, Naoki wanted to be just like her beautiful, fashionable mother, who often modeled for several top designers. Unfortunately, Naoki was never particularly feminine in her appearance, and the discovery of her Mother's cheating on her father left her with a bad taste in her mouth in regards to femininity and her dam. She took to spending the majority of her time with her three older brothers, and as a result, Naoki, while biologically female, identifies more with speaking, acting, looking, and dressing as a male. She wears the boy,version of her school uniform, refers to herself as "boku" and "ore," and hides her scant curves under Brest bindings and loose-fitting shirts. Her voice is lower in pitch, and she is quite tall, especially for a Japanese girl; she has been described as being more masculine than many men. If one is not privy to her secret, it is exceedingly difficult to discern her actual gender.

    Naoki transfers into Meiyou Academy upon her move to Tokyo, and winds up in Rey's class. Because Rey is not interested in ogling her or dating her (despite thinking Naoki is a boy), the two become fast friends. Rey eventually discovers Naoki's bass skills and convinces her to join the band.

    Well, that's enough information for now, I think. I intend to write for more than one character, and would like to find someone or someones who will help me take it in the direction I want it to go (with their own input as well).
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