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  1. About Me
    My name is Caracal, I'm new to this site. I'm an experienced group roleplayer, but this is my first foray into 1x1s. In the past, I've had problems with losing interest - so I'm not looking for long-term stories, more like casual scenes.

    I play both female and male characters, and sometimes agendered entities such as angels or AIs. I'll also happily play multiple characters at once. Furries/anthros are fine. I only play original characters, and my only two fandoms are Pokemon and Borderlands. I do not use real-life/photographic faceclaims, I only use anime style or illustrations.

    Platonic versus Romantic
    I'm just as much of a glutton for a sappy or thrilling romance as the next girl, but it's not my bread and butter. I'm always down for just two best friends - or enemies, or rivals - dicking about and going on adventures. Our characters never, at any point, have to fall in love or have an intimate relationship.

    Short answer: No.

    Long answer: If we get along well out of character, and I feel comfortable with you, and you're also an adult, and it makes sense for our characters, then possibly. However, after a bad experience with an abusive RP partner, sexual scenes make me uncomfortable. I'd prefer to avoid playing those particular scenes out, and just leave it at some ribald shenanigans and a time skip.

    Haha, where to even begin? I love futuristic settings, so anything involving androids, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, giant robots, aliens - or all the above - is something I'd be interested in. Fantasy-wise, I really enjoy modern settings and mahou shoujo stuff, but I'd also enjoy a classic Middle Ages story with princesses, knights, dragons, and wizards. Do you want to do some angel vs. demons stuff? Hell yeah. Master and their newly purchased slave? It's a classic for a reason. Steampunk airship pirates? Why not. Superheroes and supervillains? Yes please! Really, I can make a story just about anything.

    I'd like to avoid treating m//m or f//f pairings as a gimmick or a genre unto their own, and I'd like to avoid detailed descriptions of gore. And, as stated before, I'm not really interested in sexual content, so a straight-up libertine roleplay is out of the question.

    You're adorable if you think I'm a detailed, lengthy writer. My syntax is on point, but I don't feel the need to write more than three or four hundred words in a response. I average around two paragraphs, really.

    Ideas to start off with
    Remember, any plot can be platonic or romantic, and we can use any combination of characters.
    • Space mercenaries desperate for any job at all, even babysitting
    • Steampunk/Wild West showdown at high noon. Bonus points for train robbery. Extra bonus points for dramatic chase scene through the desert.
    • Female bodyguard and male charge - like Moribito, but with less mother/son vibes and more "This is not what I signed up for, I'm pretty sure you lied about something."
    • Computer programmer makes breakthrough prototype AI. Military wants to buy it. There is a conflict of interest.
    • Ace mecha pilot fakes his or her death and settles down in enemy territory with a new identity to begin a new peaceful (hopefully post-war) life. Turns out dead men talk if they aren't dead enough.
    • Evil sorcerer/sorceress fails at being evil, dispenses life advice to young apprentice instead. Maybe they'll take over the world together.
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  2. I'm certainly interested and have a few on-hand ideas. Please PM me when you can!
  3. Yay interest!
  4. The mercenary job sound interesting and so does some storys about androids and cybernetics.