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  1. Yo. I never thought I'd actually make a request thread here on Iwaku, but I have plenty on other sites. The reluctance is due in large part to my shyness and hesitance to share characters I adore after experiencing theft on another site, but sometimes, I push myself just for the sake of art.

    The purpose of this thread is to (hopefully) obtain art of two alternate universe versions I have of my most beloved character, Zuriel. At this point, I've started to lose track of how many versions I have of him, but there are a small handful that I hold above all else. In the end, I hope to have a new piece of art to use as my profile picture here on Iwaku.

    The two AUs are the demon Rizu, and the fallen angel Doom.

    Rizu Senox
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    Rizu is the result of several decades worth of emotional trauma and physical abuse. Pushed to his mental limits, the persistence lead to his mutation, turning the once-angel into a horned, winged demon, with a heart-shaped tail. In addition to his physical changes, he is a much more fragile individual in comparison to his past self, yet he is a survivor due to his experiences.
    Written physical description, excerpt from rp: "His cheeks flushed as he heard a yelp, a giggle, then a playful smack- and then a slim, purple-skinned individual was rounding a corner, approaching them, a soft blush dusting his cheeks as he tugged the edge of his skirt down over his thigh-high boots.
    The male was easily eye-level with Fenris- standing at a height of five-foot-eleven- though the boots he wore made him tower over the demon by a few inches. He was pretty, with faded purple locks, the majority of his bangs pushed back by a headband- though there was a stubborn streak of lighter, more intact purple that hung over one of his dull, amethyst eyes.
    Two small horns poked through his hair, his headband held in place behind them. Small, greyish purple bat wings gave a few content flaps as the pet sidled up to Fenris with a sultry-sounding purr, his heart-tipped tail winding around the male's waist."


    [​IMG][​IMG] avatars
    Art done by Shiitake on

    Additional: Have fun with him. He enjoys wearing more feminine clothing, but also will venture into wearing risque, masculine stuff. Ask if you have any further questions!

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    Doom is...a complex character. Brought into being after some experimentation from my baddies, he is the end result of much more drastic changes than Rizu. Think of Rizu as the vanilla, not-so-dark version of Doom.

    Caught after the attack on his heavens, he was taken into captivity with his demonic half in tow. Zurirasha was forcefully condensed down into liquid form and fed directly into Zuriel's bloodstream, the pure demonic essence causing one hell of a mutation.

    With his new magic came the ability to change form, and as such, he sometimes uses his form of "De," an incredibly androgynous male with platinum blond hair and pale, almost dead blue eyes.


    Included above are his glamour forms, his halfway forms, and the latter is his true form.

    If there are any questions for him regarding appearance or anything I forgot, let me know!

    Coding frustrates me, so this is hurried and not even attempted at pretty. Agh!

    Even if they don't peak your interest, feel free to come chat or something! I'm...terribly awkward but I'll try to converse .__.;
  2. :bananaman:
    Still looking for art. Have an adorable banana while ya visit.
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  3. 347aa46e-7ca0-4f63-9f31-6d681c807589.png Hiya friend. I love the designs for your ocs, if you'd like I would def draw them for you.

    I already did a quick sketch of Rizu but he came out very feminine.
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  4. that's adorable, omg. I love it!

    if you want to draw them, that's fine by me. <3
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  5. glad you like~ thank you! :blush:

    I shall then. Is there anything in particular you'd like to be in the drawings??
  6. Mmm...not really, nothing that I can think of. The references I have down for them are pretty par for the course. Have fun with them; I'm not picky lol
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  7. Boopboop! Still lookin' for art. Should probably update this a bit more and try to make it pretty, but lol what is focus
  8. I've been eyeing this guys for a while and might give them a shot. I'll post up some sketches when I get around to it!
  9. Oooh, awesome! I look forward to it, but please, take your time- I'm in no rush x3
  10. Wheeeeeee, still looking for art! And friendship. But I'm bad at friendship and socializing. Welp, I'm boned.
  11. I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd give it a go with a quick sketch before I head off.

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  12. @Effervescent !!!!!!! oh myg od that's gorgeous!!! Thank you so much, I'm fanboying so hard right now I'm

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  13. @Aerylei ~ Hello! I’ve decided to take on drawing Rizu. My sketch sways a bit more on his femininity but either way I hope you enjoy!

    Rizu - Sketching Process (open)

    E8DA774D-A0D8-45B0-A0C1-2DD66C283B96.jpeg 7A01A38C-191C-4BCB-8BEE-29963CDA99EB.jpeg

    It’s been a while since I’ve drawn characters that are resemble the human form! And it’s been even longer since I’ve drawn a male figure. Hopefully if I have time I’ll take my final scan and upload it on my laptop to paint him. If I do happen to color him I’ll be sure to share it with you.

    Have a wonderful rest of your Saturday!
  14. Aaaaaw! Thank you! it's so pretty. <333
    I love it!! :DDD this was a nice pick-me-up after a relatively crappy day of work, so thank you, you got a smile out of me ♥♥
    I look forward to the potential follow-up!
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