Seeking Aquatic Elf Commission

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  1. Hello! I'm doing a race roleplay in which I'm playing as a race of aquatic elves. I haven't been able to find any form of desirable artwork to suit them so I was hoping I could find someone in here who'd be willing to do a good rendition of the race I've got in mind. I'm really hoping to get it done for free but maybe I could throw 5-10 USD for a well done piece?

    Hopefully I can find someone to help me out! Thank you so much in advance <3
  2. I drew something inspired by your request :3 would you like to see it?? You don't have to use it but I figured I'd show you since your request was what drove me to draw this. (Plus I got a new drawing tablet for Christmas, so I was playing around with it)
  3. Yeah I'd love to :)
  4. this is it :) I spent hours on it xD loll
  5. I can't see anything :3
  6. sorry hold on.. my computer is being stupid...
  7. there we go :) loll
  8. Oh my god that looks so awesome! Haha wow, that's super great :)
  9. loll thanks :3 Glad you like it ^_^ I just got inspiration from your post and was playing around with my new drawing tablet so you don't have to use it, but i figured that since I got it from your post, I might as well share it with you :3
  10. Are you still looking?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.