Seeking anyone open to a 1x1 rp

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  1. Anyone have a certain storyline they'd like to try out? I'm into fantasy, sci-fi, zombie apocalypse and more adult themed RPs but I'm open to anything.
    I have a few ideas and if you're interested in any of them or want to roleplay something else let me know!

    Here are some of the storylines I have--

    My character- Kai
    Gender- female
    My character would be a orphan since birth, moving into yet another foster home. At this point she's considered unadoptable because of her age and the fact that she's somewhat sullen and strange, and no one wants to foster her for long because things have a way of going wrong when she's around. When she was 10 years old and staying in a state-run orphanage, she was picked on often by other girls. One night as her roommates harassed her, lightning struck the orphanage and started a fire. The building burned down and two children died. Whenever Kai is particularly upset, the weather seems to change to suit her mood, and more often than not some form of natural disaster- hail, lightning, once a small wind storm- ends up destroying property and harming people. At her newest foster home, she encounters another child with a similarly strange past and comes to realize she can control the weather. The other child has abilities of their own, ones whoever would like to rp them can decide upon and I'd like to leave the possibilities for what happens next open

    My character- August
    This would be in a zombie apocalypse (or any apocalypse scenario if you want to change it) setting, with August trying to survive in a crowded city full of zombies. He encounters another living person for the first time in weeks and the two team up and try to get out of the city to somewhere a bit safer together. This roleplay could end up being full of action and zombie slaying or could focus more on the development of the relationship between the two characters, whatever sort of relationship it might be depending on your choice of character.

    My character- Aria
    Gender- undecided/can be either
    This roleplay would be kind of a fantasy/horror roleplay, with Aria being a boarding school student who discovers that either a fellow student or one of their teachers is a demon/some form of monster and doesn't know how to deal with the information. Before Aria can do anything about it, your character would find out that Aria knows their secret and confront them about it and we'll figure out what happens from there. Character could be a vampire, werewolf, demon or anything, I'm honestly up for anything so let me know if you have any ideas you'd like to try or if you're interested in any of these roleplays
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  2. Wow all of your ideas are pretty awesome, I'd love to roleplay one of them with you if that's fine?
    The first one sounds interesting, but I'm currently leaning more to apocalypse themed RPs ~
  3. I'm interested in Aria.
  4. Sure! PM me if you have any apocalypse RPs in mind and we could discuss working something out with my character August and the ideas I've got for him
  5. Would you like to start a private conversation about any character ideas you have for his plot? If you give me the details for your character I can post a starter in the 1x1 page for you to respond to or PM it to you