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  1. I have a few partners now and only one is consistently able to post multiple times a day AND at a writing level that is nice. Sorry but i prefer our posts to both be at this level:

    Following his lead, Clarissa morphed back into her other form, the hem of her skirts already marginally dirtied. But this was the dress she kept for moments like this, for the hunt and for her time around the pack. She couldn't allow anyone she knew at the seamstress' becoming suspicious because of dirtied or muddied clothing. That would ruin her instantly, with all the suspicion and that Holy Order going around, planting ideas in the peoples' mind. Tendrils of her dark hair framed her face as she calmed her breathing, looking up to him at his words of praise and was unable to help the pleased smile that graced her lips. Any form of praise Clarissa took greedily, always wanting some feedback on how she did with a hunt or even with her seamstress work.

    "I always feel bad when you carry it all the way back. Are you sure you don't want any help? Or is this all just to impress someone back at the clan?" Clarissa chuckled faintly, brushing her hands against the material at her hips in order to rid them of any dirt they may have on them. It was always a pointless exercise, but one she failed to stop doing. She followed behind momentarily, watching as the buck's head lolled lifelessly with every step he took. The lifeless eye staring upward toward what should have been the sky, but instead was just all tree-line. Clarissa then hurried her pace in order to walk alongside him instead, her lips parting to begin another conversation but she was silenced immediately after by the gunshots.

    Her blood ran cold as they continued. Not a simple hunt. And in the same area as their den. "No." She whispered, hands beginning to tremble along with her body. The coldness was replaced but a warmth which soon grew into a boiling heat that bubbled within her veins. "No!" Clarissa turned to Eoghan before looking back in that direction, the threat of the change coming back to her as pain outlined her bones. "It's the Order! It's the damn Order! We've got to get back, Eoghan! We've got to help them!" She pleaded, pulling on the sleeve of his coat to try and make him go fast. But even with her words of desperation, Clarissa knew that it was too late.

    So now that this has likely driven everyone away.... Those that are still reading this, thank you. Here are the pairings im interested in... The number of stars is how interested i am in it

    ***** Vampire x Princess (world designed to be similar to the Legacy of Kain but not a copy. Vengeful vampire who used to be a noble kidnaps the King's daughter as part of his plan for vengeance against the king and the royal sorcerer who slew him and his family)

    **Knight x Summoner (captain of the city guard falls for demon summoner that is secretly hunting his own kind to save the city)

    ***Pilot x Android (futuristic sci fi romance between a mech pilot and an Android recovered during a mission into unexplored territory)

    **Pagan x Inquisitor (fantasy rp where a captured druid is interrogated by a church Inquisition member and eventually earns the inquisitor's trust)
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