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  1. Ok, so I'm a little shy being new and all and thought I would make a request to begin a 1x1 roleplay to start out.
    My preferences are Modern/fanatasy or Historical/fantasy both included with romance. I will be playing a female character and a male character is prefered.

    Hope to hear from you soon!
  2. I could rp with you. ^_^ I also enjoy the fantasy genre. :) Do you have any plot ideas?
  3. Thanks for the reply! :)
    Unfortunately, I suck at coming up with plots. This is why I need help with collaborating something up. XD
  4. Ok, here's two ideas.

    There is this girl. Things haven’t been going well for her. Her family is a mess, school is a mess, and basically her whole life just seems to be an utter mess. The only place she can escape to is in her dreams. In her dreams the girl can be herself. Her dreams are often strange and unpredictable, but also beautiful and enchanting. She is in control. One day though, something strange happens.

    Most of the characters in the girl’s dreams are quite forgettable. They serve a role in the plot for that dream but don’t usually reappear, except for one. During one of her dreams she meets a boy. Something is different about him. He doesn’t act quite like the other characters. In her dream adventures most of the characters are completely absorbed in the plot and are usually not that intelligent. This boy doesn’t act like the others though; it seems almost as if he knows that it’s a dream. Unlike the other characters as well, he does not simply appear once or twice in her dreams, rather, he appears in every single dream since his first appearance. He follows her everywhere in her dreams, following her, protecting her, though from what she doesn’t know….until a new character appears, whose intentions do not look good at all.

    *Boy character for this is mysterious, yet also playful and a bit mischievous. He doesn’t like to give a straight answer.

    (MC = main character)
    MC is a normal high school student, or at least she thought she was normal. One sunny day while eating lunch outside, she notices what appears to be a big hole in the side of the school. She goes to take a closer look and goes inside the hole.

    After entering the whole she finds herself in the ruins of an ancient temple. Near the centre of the ruins she finds a large stone altar with a man nearly fully covered in stone except for his face lying upon it. Strange symbols are carved into the stone. She feels drawn to it. She touches the stone.

    When the girl touches the stone she awakens the guardian. It turns out she is one of the last decedents from an ancient race that created the guardians and that the man she awakened is now sworn to protect her. He is not fully human and sometimes has a hard time understanding emotions. Besides the guardian there are other powerful beings, many of them seeking to destroy the girl and uncover the secrets behind the guardian’s power.

    The girl ends up going back to her world, but the guardian follows her. He follows her everywhere so he can protect her, which ends up being a little annoying and starts up some rumors about their relationship.

    *Boy character for this is very serious, but also very ignorant about modern day life, which could make for some hilarious situations. He has a very hard time understanding the feelings of others, and often doesn't understand why people get upset at him, or know why the girl cares about the opinions of others so much. Over time though he will start to develop more emotion and understanding about the world.

    If you like either of these plots I can reveal more information about them through pm. Just tell me what you’re interested in. btw I tend to write a lot in my posts so if you want me to write a little less just tell me and I'll try, but if you like my long posts then I'll continue with them. :)
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