Seeking an Apprentice for my Shadowy Mentor

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  1. I will make this brief (TLDR Version):

    Wanted: Male Apprentice
    Setting: Victorian London
    Genre: Supernatural, Historical and Adventure with risk of Psychological Horror
    Minimum Demanded: Spellcheck, good grasp of spelling and grammar as well as at least two hundreds words per post.

    Longer Version:

    Hi! If you read this, this may mean that your are intrigued by my request, and that is good! I want to do a story where your character, for a reason or another that we will craft later if you accept, becomes the heir of the mysterious Baron Veronel, who just recently got a peerage title and starts to make waves in London. My character will teach yours many things and will eventually entangle him in a dark underground society, a cabal of sorcerers that seek immortality. The plot, though only truly holding our two characters, will be full of twist and turns and will hold many layers, following out creation in their everyday lives, sometime trivial and far often not quite so mundane.

    The form of the eventual immortality will be up to us, and the relationship of the two is also up in the air, I would prefer we make it happen at it's own pace instead of forcing it one way or another. So, intrigued?
  2. intrested