Seeking an adventure with 4 legged characters!


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Hey everyone. I just started this account here. I have work early in the morning so this post will be short and to the point. :)

I haven’t RPed seriously in about 4 years, maybe even longer. But I know I still have it in me!

I am currently looking for a fellow animal role-player, or any open-minded people interested in figuring it out. :) They can be really entertaining, I promise you!

Some things to note:
• No, NOT furry RP. I’m talking 100% animal. Most common: wolves, dogs, cats, lions, most mammals basically. Or maybe even dragons!
• Absolutely NO smut. Not even fade to black. Yes, animals must reproduce too but that’s not what I like to base my animal stories around. Characters may become fond of each other, but that can be described with a PG-13 rating. :)
• No elemental characters, unless we talk about it beforehand. Most wolf RPs I see nowadays have elemental wolves and animals with special powers. I’m not really into it, but I will listen to a suggestion.

You will find more detailed & broad preferences of mine in my profile’s About Me section!

I am currently craving a wolf story. I’m not sure about an exact plot but I would rather discuss that with a potential partner. I may have a few ideas that I can dust off the imaginary shelf, so just PM me!