Seeking an active, para-multipara partner.


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Okay, so. Here's the thing; I am really looking for someone worth writing with.
Someone that will stick with me for a while; that doesn't get upset when I can't reply for a day or two. {I have a full time job.) Of course I'll let you know if
I can't reply for whatever reason.
I want someone that is capable of bringing detail, and plot to our story. Don't just have me take it in every direction that I want it to go; I want you to
contribute too. Its how this works, it isn't just my story, its ours.
Bottom line; I want someone that puts forth effort. ^^;
I don't think I'm asking too

That being said, I have a few OC's in my back pocket if anyone would like to hear about those.
Also, here is a short list of Canon characters I like to take on;

Lawliet- Death Note.
Yato- Noragami
Jumin Han- Mystic Messenger
Renji Abarai- Bleach
Yuri Katsuki- Yuri on ICE!!!

I should say; I am open to anything. MxM, FxF, MxF, on and so forth.

If you're interested, just PM me. I'm here all day.
Thank you~