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  1. Hello! Sansa Stark, here. No, not the real Sansa Stark. But you may call me Sansa if you wish. I am a 20 years old college student studying creative writing with a severe need to roleplay. I like to consider myself anywhere between a prestige and douche rating, as I've spent over half of my life making stories and writing them with others. I intend to do so for the rest of my life as well, even going so far as to make it my job in the future. That being said, I need a pastime. I hope you'll consider bringing yourself into my wide array of plots and potential!
    Advanced or above levels only please. The closer to prestige, the better.

    I am looking for a long term roleplay partner. By long term, I mean that I want someone who is willing to see out or roleplay to the end, unless it becomes boring or life events hinder our completion of the story. I'm also looking for 3-8+ paragraphs per reply, one reply every three days at LEAST, some pictures in the replies, all sorts of fancy stuff. I take roleplaying pretty seriously and want my partners to do the same, though of course that's not to say I'm an unenjoyable person! I'm more than easy to make friends with and I like to be fun and enthusiastic about my plots. I hope I can find people who feel the same!
    18+ partners only. Sorry!

    Some plots I'm absolutely craving are listed below. Note that I have ideas in mind for everything listed, but I don't like to post the extended plot in case someone has another, more brilliant idea of the same genre that would like to mesh with or take over my own! Keep in mind that all stories must be written with the above requirements otherwise, sadly, I will get bored and leave. Those with stars are those which I am craving the most.

    I have plots and pairings for some of these, don't be afraid to ask for them! MxF or FxF only.

    ~Medieval Fantasy
    ~Gothic Horror**
    ~Victorian Era**
    ~Survival Horror**

    ~Ancient Egypt
    ~Native American*
    ~Ancient Greece
    ~Civil War

    ~Game of Thrones***
    ~Fullmetal Alchemist
    ~The Walking Dead**
    ~Assassin's Creed
    ~The Musketeers
    ~Lord of the Rings
    Thanks so much for reading! Reply if you're interested please! <3
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  2. I would be interested in trying out some Medieval Fantasy. Hit me with a PM if you've got a plot lined up and we can talk about it.
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  3. Thanks so much! I'll do that!
  4. Color my interest pique.
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  5. Orange you gonna tell me which plot you prefer?

    (i tried)
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  6. :p

    I was a creative writing major as well but changed degrees!

    I'm up for whatever except the anime themed ones, don't know much about them.

    So... Whatever you are craving the most.
  7. Game of Thrones or Medieval Fantasy? Hit me up!
  8. To put "serious" and "role-player" together makes me giggle. xD

    Are pictures truly that important? I thought writing was about painting the picture with words, not painting a picture with pictures? xD
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  9. I see, I see. Real pictures and play-bys in role-play just ruin it for me. xD

    But I wish you the best in your search. =)
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  10. Pictures aren't necessary so if you wanted to plot with me, we don't have to have them. But if you're completely out then thanks so much!
  11. Well I'm a huge medieval fantasy buff and would still love to hammer out a plot to RP with you! ^^
  12. :D Great! Feel free to PM me! I'm also HUUUUGE on medieval fantasy so this could be very exciting.
  13. Still looking, guys!
  14. Any takers? I added some more options!
  15. Hello!

    I'll be willing to give this a whirl, if you would have me!
  16. Of course! PM me with any plots you wanted to do! :)
  17. Hello! I wanted to say three things. First, I adore your signature, it's amazing. Second, I wish I would RP with you, but I just don't think I am advanced enough. :(
    Finally, that I hope you have lots of luck, wonderful roleplays and a nice day!
  18. Firstly, thank you! :)

    Secondly, I'd still love to plot with you! Why not give us a shot? We might be able to come up with something wonderful!

    And thirdly, same to you sweetheart. <3
  19. I'd like to Rp with you. I don't know if I'm advanced, but I'd still do it. I have a sample on my profile.

    If you're not interested, I'll understand:bsmile:
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