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  1. Hi I am looking for any willing participants to explore, quest and generally enjoy themselves in a world of my own creation. I will begin when I get enough people, hopefully not too long to wait.

    Set in world of magic and mystery(not modern day), you will play the role of travelers that stumble into adventure after you come in contact with a celestial envoy; a shooting star so to speak. The story will start in a tavern the envoy has directed you towards, there you shall meet your fellow adventurers and begin your quest..


    1. A level of literacy is required, please grammar check your posts.
    2. No one line posts unless there is good reason or the situation calls for it.
    3. No god modes or overpowered characters, this will be enforced!
    4. A little cliche but have fun :D

    My Role will be that of the narrator, I will describe the situation and play the part of any characters you meet. My world is harsh, enter with caution.

    Your character can be any of the following races (I can go into detail regarding any and all races and their roles in my universe if you have questions):

    -Human (non magical)
    -Human (magical, usually a witch or sorcerer)
    -Selkie (children of the sea; seals in the water, humans in seal coats out of the water)
    -Mermaid (female only; violent sea devils in the water, beautiful girls out of the water)
    -Catgirl (can be either gender I tend to call males or the race as a whole Khajiit; Cats with human tendencies rather than Humans with cat features)

    -Dryad (spirits of the trees, not actual trees though can shapeshift into them)
    -Treant (actual tree; age requirement of character will be high)
    -Fire Sprite (small creature of living flame)
    -Phoenix (large female bird, that can become a living flame)
    -Harpie (woman with the wings of a bird; not in place of arms and no other bird like qualities. I do know this is not the normal interpretation, just my preference)
    -Phoenix Harpie (Rare; combination of the above)

    -Stone Golem (creatures of living rock; variants can be discussed)
    -Unicorn (magical horned horse)
    -Lycan (werewolf; not bound by the moon. Not unintelligent when turned but still violent)
    -Skeleton (undead; living corpse)
    -Faerie (small winged creatures with magic over little things in the forest)

    As for class I don't mind as long as it makes sense.
  2. Can I be a non-magical human?
    Yes, I do like that idea =)
  3. im going to go for the lycan But one you play World of Warcraft? lol just wondering because the treant and the dyrad stuff just reminds me of the game
  4. Both those are great choices, we will start when we get two more people I think. Yes Akuma I do play WoW but I actually discovered treants and dryads much earlier. Also if you guys can write a character description with your names that would be a big help, thank you :)
  5. What about a vampire?
  6. Name: Violet
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Race/Species: Non-Magic human
    Favorite weapon: Sword and black recurve bow with white arrows.
    Sword (open)

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    But, is the main idea okay?
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  7. Name: Skoll Wulf
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Race: Lycan
    Human Height: 5'10
    Human Weight: 150
    Human Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Lycan Height: 6'4
    Lycan Weight: 210
    Lycan Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    That good enough or you need more?[/Spoiler][/Spoiler]
  8. I edited my pictures into my post now
  9. Those pictures and descriptions are great, hopefully we can begin soon.
    Tosh I didn't include vampires because the night cycle in my world is only 6 hours, so it would make that race very hard to play, sorry about that.
  10. I'm a bit confused as to the what is approved and what isn't so I'm going to post a few characters and see which ones work

    Edit: I'm adding teh picture cause I liek teh picture .3.

    Edit2: Christ that's huge! Can anyone tell me how to spoiler tag @_@

    (For example, are the skeletons corpses with flesh or just skeletons)
    Name: Dead
    Age: N/A
    Species: Skeleton
    Bio: Dead doesn't recall anything from the life he had. Now he's just dead, he's taken to calling himself Dead because what other title does he need. He also assumes he is a he, because that feels like something he once was. Dead usually talks about himself in past tense. He claims to be cold an emotionless, though Dead can be pretty sarcastic and emotional sometimes. He lives his day to day life(death) roaming around, not needing to fulfill any basic need for life. That is, until a new adventure gives him a goal for the first time in years, or he assumes it's years.

    Name: Pyral
    Age: (Not sure what the longevity is, I was thinking 220, if that's okay)
    Species: Phoenix
    Bio: When Pyral was a chick, he was saved from a predator, taking shelter in a treant after falling from his nest, he was raised by the trees until he fledged. For years, he has repaid this debt by helping the forest, setting off small, controlled fires that allow the trees to release their seeds and grow new generations of trees, making the forest bigger and stronger. Pyral considers himself a guardian of the forest, which seems ironic considering his element is fire and he could be as deadly as he his helpful.
    He has a serious and loyal nature, and will often help any creature in need, not just the trees.

    Like I said, I'm not sure if any of this goes against rules, so feel free to tell me what's approved/unapproved
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  11. Either of those characters would be perfect, usually I don't like male phoenixes but you have done a great job with your bio, so I would be more than happy for you to play Pyral. As for your question regarding skeletons, in my universe they are very similar in appearance and lore to the Tomb Kings in Warhammer fantasy, hope that helps. Great job with those character creations either one would be a marvel to write for :)
  12. Thank you, I'll be happy to get started on this roleplay ^_^

    I don't mind the phoenix being a girl if you feel that's how your fantasy universe works, it doesn't matter to me.

    I'm not familiar with tomb kings, but looking them up they seem to basically be skeletons covered in armor/rags and they have weapons?

    Also, one last thing, would it be okay if I chose to rp them both? I might not though, I haven't decided yet.
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  13. That would be fine with me, just let me know. I would like to get one more person, but I will start writing an opening now. I am in the UK so there probably will not be an introduction until tomorrow, sorry about that just want to give myself enough time.
  14. I posted :)

    Let me know if there is any detail I should change
  15. Hi guys, great posts so far, just wandering if you have any objections to me writing some backstory for your characters. Mainly there individual reasons for joining the rebellion against the King.
  16. I don't have an objection..just don't make her all girly like..she's a warrior.
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