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Seeking Adventurers for a fantasy world in turmoil

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Windstormugly, Jan 4, 2015.

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  1. A world about to break into massive wars. Filled with widely different races and nations, governed by sometimes childish and petty god. A perfect world for an adventurer!

    Embark on a journey starting in the central area of the world, home to numerous minor states fighting each other in a neigh constant struggle between two major alliances. Maybe you so far have gone from state to state loaning your services to the highest bidder, tread humbly through the wilderness or sought to politically steer the minor wars to your profit.

    But no matter your home nation, your race, gender, profession or goals. As every nation in the whole world suffers border-assaults, and both their people and gods turn to point for aggressor, your adventurous soul shall burn bright and you will realize that this may become your rise to glory.


    Now then, become an adventurer of legend and embark on your life's journey!

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  2. There is still place for more adventurers, whether you decide to be a human, elf, dwarf, beastman, orc, troll, fairy or any of our more original races.
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