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Hi there! I've been in the mood lately for a good roleplay, so I decided to check this site out. I prefer to roleplay in paragraphs, the minimum being one. I just feel like if the replies are longer, we can get more in depth with the story and not get bored with short responses.

Right now I'm just looking for MxM and MxF roleplays, but I'm not opposed to doing a good FxF plot. In MxM, I like to be the "bottom", or uke. I'm more comfortable that way, but if I need to play as the seme, or "top", I'm willing. With MxF, I prefer to be the female, sorry. I'm not that good at being the male in a hetero plot.

I have a few ideas at the moment, but I like to discuss the plot with my partner to come up with a more in depth story. Please feel free to PM me anytime! ^^


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I would love to hear some of your ideas so please feel free to PM me whenever you'd like!


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I'm willing to here your ideas, pm me and we can decide on a plot together. :)