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Open to anything, but particularly enjoy gothic horror, urban fantasy, science fiction, post-apocalypse, and steampunk.
I am an old-hand when it comes to writing and role-play. I can be somewhat playful and cavalier with my writing but I will treat whatever we end up writing together over with the respect it and it’s genre is due. I’m fairly open minded and I enjoy all sorts of genres and topics, so please don’t feel hesitant in approaching me with any writing ideas!

I don’t expect constant replies to any threads together, and neither do I demand “high quality” writing. But I would like someone trying, or at least looking to build upon their current skill and style. I also enjoy some level of communication either through Iwaku or over Discord. I like to brainstorm a lot at the beginning, and then allow the RP to take over from there with many surprises; imagine we’re both DM and Player to one another! And honestly, it would be nice to become friends?

I do prefer female writing partners playing female characters, as I do tend to be fairly open and accepting about romance and sexuality in the RP. However I am not entirely against anyone that’s open to playing a female character.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear from some folk! I’m looking forward to writing again.


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Action-adventure, adult characters, alternate universe, anime, crime drama, cyberpunk, darker themes, drama, dystopia, eastern, edo, epic quest, fairy tale, fantasy, feudal, futuristic, grimdark, heian, high fantasy, low fantasy, magic, modern, modern fantasy, modern scifi, paranormal, psychological, romance, scifi, supernatural, urban fantasy.
How would you feel about some light folk-fantasy world-building?