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  1. My name, in case you haven't seen it, is Kitty! I am a male, surprisingly, who is interested in doing a yaoi role play with my character being the submissive. I've tried making partner requests and such on other role playing sites and they never really worked out for me ( No one liked me ), so it took me a while to finally give it a chance on this site. I am usually online at least once every day, and I try to put as much effort into my posts as I can. On days that I'm not busy, such as saturdays, I am literally posting anywhere from five hours to twelve hours.

    For starters, I will not judge you based on how many lines you post as long as you can spell the words right and have proper grammar. I've role played with people before who used text talk and neglected the use of punctuations. Long story short I'm very obsessive when it comes to grammar and spelling. That's all I ask of you, other than to try and reply at least once a day. I understand if you can't, but when it's weeks on end between posts, I lose my muse so to speak.

    Next thing is what I like to role play. I'm very plain when it comes to plots and that bothers me a lot. I would love to be able to come up with better plot ideas, but I'm honestly just not that good at it. Please send me some suggestions if you have any! I won't bite and I love to read others' ideas. The only thing is it has to be male x male, and I have to be the submissive. When it comes to anything other than gay role plays and me being the dominant, I get bored and have sloppy posts. I actually get into the role play when I'm submissive, probably due to my preferences in real life, and I tend to have more dynamic of posts. I do love to role play supernatural, forbidden love, anime, and high school pairings ( though I have grown away from the high school ones. ) I may have a few ideas, but I don't know if they're very good. Please let me know what you think!

    • A forbidden romance between two princes of rival kingdoms
    • A forbidden romance between a vampire and a werewolf
    • Sasuke x Naruto (Naruto)
    • Kiba x Naruto (Naruto)
    • Akise x Yuki (Mirai Nikki)
    • Two older twins x their younger brother (You will have to control two characters)
    • Top dog in a prison x New, somewhat feminine prison mate
    That concludes my partner request. I do hope I have given you more than enough information and that I appeal to you! Please message me or reply to this thread if you are interested in my request. I may have many more ideas to add to this list as they pop into my head. Don't be shy to tell me your ideas as well and thank you for taking the time to read this post.
  2. ❝Inflicting pain is my passion. Dominating the weak is my forte. Topping the ignorant is my specialty. Fear me, my love. I am your worse nightmare.❞

    ~ Sadist Seme

    I'm interested! Don't feel intimidated by my quote. I couldn't resist, ha!

    I. My Resume
    • I been roleplaying for almost nine years. As a result, I developed a lot of experience. I am incredibly versatile in various subjects.
    • I consider myself intermediate to advanced. It depends entirely on the roleplay.
    • I have excellent grammar and punctuation. English is my forte. However, I'm not perfect. I make mistakes, but I fix them. I spend time editing and revising my posts.
    • I am capable of composing long, detailed replies. On average, my posts contain 2-3 paragraphs. However, I'm willing to add more. It depends entirely on my motivation, inspiration, and interest.
    • Roleplaying is one of my main hobbies. As a result, I'm extremely active. I'm currently participating in various roleplays. On the other hand, don't expect me to be punctual. It takes me time to sketch out all my replies for each roleplay. Do I have any regrets? Hell naw. I love it, ha.

      I try to post 2-3 daily. Fortunately, I'm capable of more! I try to post as much as I can.
    • Over the years, I dabbed in a lot of genres. My favorites include Yaoi, Romance, Fantasy, Supernatural, Drama, Action, Adventure, Horror, Tragedy, Psychological, Scifi, Medieval, Shoujo, Crossdressing, Crime Drama, Superhero, Mystery, Apocalypse, etc.
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