Seeking a RP partner

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  1. I am hoping to find an RP partner with similar interests as mine. I am a very laid back RPer and I am not strict at all :) I want someone who will be able to keep up with posting semi-frequently and that maybe can even RP outside of the website such as emails-this can be easier for me sometimes. I have been RPing for many, many years and have had experience pretty much RPing anything and everything. Haha I am very open minded and love to share ideas and new plot bunnies! ;D

    Sme of my interests:

    - Scifi(Avatar) and fantasy (Lord of the Rings)
    - lots of action ;D
    - Romance
    - Throwing my characters into Alternate Universes. Such as I have a character who is normally from modern times, and I put them in a totally different plot line in a totally different time. Such as Middle Earth then making them an elf. Just fun stuff like that :)

    Some things I won't do:

    - Explicit content

    If you are interested feel free to send me a Message or reply here :) I would love to hear from you! I promise I don't bite. Haha ^^
  2. I'm interested in an rp with you:) I'm sorry to say I have no clear idea if you are interested though, I swear my plot bunnies learned how to open doors and escaped my brain, I'm searching for them but so far I've had no luckXD
  3. Hahaha no problem! We can try and come up with something :) What kind of RPs are your favorite? :)
  4. A lot but my favourites include sci fi, fantasy and modern all with some action/adventure in it and romance is a plot candy of mine:)
  5. Haha awesome! You like the exact same stuff I do! ;D

    I will carry this over to PMs :3
  6. I'd love to do a romance roleplay with you :) xx
  7. Yay! Awesome! :D I shall PM you ^^
  8. I am totally willing to roleplay with you! Pm me and maybe we can come up with something interesting.
  9. I am interested. Please PM me!
  10. I wouldn't mind doing a sci-fi plot with you. I actually had an idea, if you'd like tk hear it.