Seeking a Princess Peach (MxF looking for F)

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  1. Greetings!

    So as the title suggests, I'm looking for somebody to play Princess Peach opposite me in an RP based in the Super Mario universe.

    What I'm thinking plot wise is that Peach is kidnapped by Bowser again (go figure) and it's up to the Bros to stop him!... But the catch is, they don't show up. Be it that they died or maybe they never made it in time, but regardless Mario and Luigi aren't there to save Peach. But somebody is.

    Thomas 'Toad' Toadsworth (an OC version of Toad pictured at the bottom of this thread), having witnessed the kidnapping first hand, rushed after Bowser and travelled through 8 different lands to reach the evil Koopa's castle. After duking it out with the King and disabling him long enough to rescue Peach, Thomas is dubbed a hero. Although she is safe and Bowser is defeated, Peach feels differently about not being rescued by the Bros. Since Thomas is the son of Toadsworth and will eventually become her Royal Adviser once she becomes Queen, she feels as if she owes him something more then a surprisingly delicious cake. After all, he's essentially her best friend.

    But to Thomas, saving her was much more then a casual rescue. It was a symbol of his affections for her. Despite her being royalty and him previously being turned into a mushroom person as a result of Bowser's first kidnapping attempt, Thomas has harboured a love for the Princess. Even as children they would play together while the King, Queen, and Toadsworth watched on. But until now, he's never been able to reveal his affections.

    But will the promise of being a hero allow him to express his emotions? Will the Princess accept his feelings, or throw them aside for fear of losing her friend if they go further? And what about the Mario Bros and Bowser? What will become of them now that Thomas has beaten the Koopa and almost replaced the Bros as the Mushroom Kingdom's saviour?

    All these questions and more will be revealed as we progress through the story, but we can also run with different ideas as well ^^

    So if you're interested in that idea (or another idea involving this pairing), then feel free to PM me or post below!

    (Also, as promised, here's the image of MC)

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